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Laser welding applications - power battery industry - - - - - - Technological innovation is imperative

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-22
The power of the power battery is the tool to provide power source, more means for electric cars, electric trains, electric bicycle, golf cart battery powered. Power battery as the main power supply is widely used in battery industry, life and other aspects. Recently, with the new energy automobile production and sales booming, China has become a global market, for a while, with the development of the power battery industry chain upstream and downstream popular media attention. Power battery is the core of the new energy automobile parts and components, determine the vehicle performance, its production process can be divided into the front, side and back end equipment, precision and automation level of the equipment will directly affect the efficiency and consistency of the battery. 2020 power lithium battery total demand will reach 37 GWH, is ten times more than in 2014, power battery expansion will directly pull the equipment needs. The upstream raw materials and downstream products as a link to the middle reaches of equipment, laser welding process to begin to enter people field of vision, but the mystery of its craft application, still cast a layer of mysterious veil. Thanks to the body in the laser industry, the author must touch the pulse of the industry development point today six meridians, through the veil of opportunity, reveal the application of laser welding in the power battery industry. Point 1: the fusion for power battery production enterprises, in short, the laser welding is a will is the cathode materials, diaphragm and raw materials, such as electrolyte to rectify the manufacturing process of fusion, is the key technology of the whole power battery production process. All raw materials, welding into battery cell and PACK module, can be directly used in the traditional consumer electronics, electronic tools, electric bicycles, energy storage power station, and new energy automobile industry. On the other hand, the status of laser welding in power battery is also reflected on the cost value of welding equipment. For comparison with battery raw material, raw material proportion is continuing in the cost and in tons per unit to buy; Laser welding equipment is laid out, basically different process or types of welding equipment value amount in hundreds of thousands of bits to hundreds of millions of yuan, accounting for more than 5 - in battery plant input 15%, the battery pack factory investment accounted for more than 10 - 40%. Point 2: the contrast battery manufacturing process involves welding technique is very extensive, such as ultrasonic welding, resistance welding and laser welding. Reasonable choice of welding method and process, directly affect the production cost of the battery, quality, reliability and the use of security. Laser welding as a battery production in a very important process, the consistency of the battery, stability and safety has a great influence, power battery laser welding parts, more difficult to process, higher requirements for welding process. By high precision laser welding can greatly improve the safety, reliability and service life of the vehicle power battery, will certainly to the development of future automotive power technology provides important guarantee. Contrast found that laser welding advantage is to weld material loss is small, the welding deformation is small, equipment performance and stable operation, welding quality and high degree of automation. Its technological superiority is unmatched by other welding methods. Point 3: the whole process of power battery batteries can be classified by its exterior square, cylindrical, soft package, 18650, such as different types, among all the shape of the battery, the most comprehensive of laser welding technology used for welding cylindrical battery, cylindrical power battery in the process, for example, laser welding process application as shown in the figure below: after the laser welding process, continue to step the monomer batteries more than one assembly, to form used in electric bicycles, electric car PACK battery PACK, such as the international leading tesla is the application of more than 7000 pieces of panasonic NCR 18650 3100 mah battery PACK of synthetic battery PACK, in order to meet the high life. Point 4: more efficient applied to power battery on the market of laser equipment look from the exterior is 'to spend gradually a charming eye', but in the end of all roads lead to Rome. To process the complexity and distinguish equipment footprint, basic can be divided into three types: laser welding equipment testing equipment, automatic workstations and automatic assembly line. For the single machine semi-automatic work station, test equipment, the basic application in the early pilot tests and small batch production of the product. Laser welding
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