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Laser welding in the application of material of carbon steel

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-21
Laser for the material of carbon steel in the production of auto airbag generator application of laser welding technology, to explore in the process of laser welding, laser power, welding speed, welding Angle and protective gas, the influence of factors on the quality of welding. To determine the welding process, optimizing the process parameters. Laser welding is a high energy laser beam melting materials and links to form good weld process. Laser welding of the laser spot diameter is small, high density, similarly can form a narrow pass. Therefore, laser welding has the advantage that the traditional welding methods than group, such as welding is fast, small deformation, weld penetration ratio is big, good weld quality, etc. The most developed PAB - Type 4 airbags generator, its components, the main structure of the metal shell shell adopts B460 type carbon steel materials, internal gas with gas by laser ignition device work, working process of high temperature and high pressure gas will bring great impact on metal shell and weld seams. Therefore puts forward very high requirements on welding, uniform in accordance with the requirements of design rules welding penetration, weld without oxidation air hole, deformation control in 0. Less than 1 mm. Due to its material and the characteristics of joint structure, welding is difficult, therefore, the main difficulties: ( 1) Instead the gas with so products after soldering temperature should not exceed 150 degrees; ( 2) According to the regulations of USCAR airbag generator must meet 1. The safety factor of 5, the calculation of weld strength must reach more than 70 mpa, therefore puts forward high requirements to process. Metal laser welding equipment recommendation: preferential deals offer 4007001618 【 Metal laser welding equipment 】 Suitable for all kinds of complex welding, the welding of different equipment and 1 mm thick seam welding; Multi-channel fiber optic mode, welding transfer at the same time; 【 Mould laser welding equipment 】 Applicable mould industrialized, used for precision mold repair, such as digital products, mobile phones, toys, automobile, motorcycle, mold and other mold manufacturing and molding industry. 【 Gold and silver jewelry laser welding 】 Mainly used in jewelry, such as electronics, communications, handicrafts and other industries; 【 Large laser welding 】 Application in automobile body covering parts of compound, such as car door, side wai, window, floor, warehouse, the warehouse before, trunk lid. Laser welding laser welding machine more metal welding equipment
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