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Laser welding machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-20
Laser light has the same biological effect with usually ( Ripe effect, light effect, pressure effect and electromagnetic field effect) , the biological efficiency in benefit mankind together, without protection or protection for such as eyes, skin and nervous system arrangement form directly or directly harm human body. In order to guarantee the safety of the laser welding machine and protection, it is necessary to strictly control the laser damage, engineering control, their protection and safety. 1, control engineering control means for laser or laser processing system adopted security measures in the structure, primary contains: shield - — To prevent staff bear overstep promised exposure; Safety chain, — Refers to the linked to shield, when remove the protective cover can prevent radiation automatic device; Safety light path - — In irradiation can lead to burning or secondary radiation light path to close; Key switch - — When referring to remove the key, laser transfer; The beam stop - — In order to make the laser beam is not insurmountable controlled processing areas, can use the beam stop or attenuator. 2, their protection means the laser protective clothing worn refractory, heat-resistant, wear can be selected to attenuation specific wavelength of laser protective glasses, wear for vehicle traveling data recorder uv laser source of laser protective mask, wearing can prevent direct and scattering of laser forming of laser protective gloves. 3, safety for safety first includes set up specialized agencies or personnel, clear responsibility and power: contains safety training and medical supervision, etc. Laser welding machines, laser welding machine
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