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Laser welding machine repair welding

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-19
Using titanium alloy to replace the current number of metal products, but during the welding repair is still dependent on laser equipment, titanium alloy material because of the strength and corrosion resistance are higher than other material, and replaces the technology application in other fields, especially the application of high and new technology, such as: hair idea, parts and other products of the external structure, etc. , not only reduce the weight of the product itself, also progress, quality and safety of the machine, to the application of fully, in the process of producing, often need the collocation of a variety of measures measures application, such as welding repair on the need to use laser welding machine repair welding, laser laser machine tag can also be used as the main equipment, therefore, the titanium alloy material and laser equipment is close connected to each other. With laser welding machine to welding of titanium alloy products, from big to process the fixture can be used to add, can achieve efficient production, products in the precision degree regardless of the extent of the complex structure without being limited by the laser welding machine control, for all kinds of shapes can the use of high efficient and fast, the quality is unmatched by other devices on the fast convergence, high function than the use of traditional equipment level, Ruth efficient application from repair to the welding cycle can shorten far, so also save on money, more matching with high cost performance. From the characteristics of laser welding machine and the analysis of the functional combination of titanium alloy, the repair of large device using laser technology can often avoid the traditional manufacturing technology to strict requirement of the equipment and large size materials, for complex cavity structure, all can be solved, and the laser technology in the welding of the titanium alloy material from capital and material is not second choice. Titanium alloy material is often used in parts, machinery, so the repair and the position of the welding is more, from the technology and equipment to produce defects, the components of flaw and crack size and the difference between the topic, serious impact on model development progress. But based on the technology of laser welding repair technology arises at the historic moment, relatively routine repair technology, with high restoration function, equipment, good accessibility, restricted by parts size small, short repair cycle, low comprehensive capital, titanium alloy and other expensive parts used for the repair, can save the conventional technology in large degree not repair parts ( Including operating aircraft parts) To solve on the defect of high and new technology development and parts, damage and erosion provides a new efficient solutions, laser repair technology application in map has small size, to ensure that the use of advanced engineering applications and parts, laser welding and repair the full-size structure static and fatigue test validation, based on suitable scale for conformance verification, to ensure safe and reliable industries use; Laser welding machine adopts repair deepening internal mechanism research, including the function of forming and heat treatment process and organization, control, internal stress distribution and eliminate, bay deformation and cracking and so on basic research; Laser welding and repair quality evaluation technology research, establish a complete set of technical documentation system, including the manufacturing scale and test scale, etc. ; Laser welding and repairing technology research, development and engineering application of complete sets of equipment, progress not disorderly, improve the real-time detection means, to achieve precision ( Size and shape) And the rate of matching. Metal laser welding equipment recommendation: preferential deals offer 4007001618 【 Metal laser welding equipment 】 Suitable for all kinds of complex welding, the welding of different equipment and 1 mm thick seam welding; Multi-channel fiber optic mode, welding transfer at the same time; 【 Mould laser welding equipment 】 Applicable mould industrialized, used for precision mold repair, such as digital products, mobile phones, toys, automobile, motorcycle, mold and other mold manufacturing and molding industry. 【 Gold and silver jewelry laser welding 】 Mainly used in jewelry, such as electronics, communications, handicrafts and other industries; 【 Large laser welding 】 Application in automobile body covering parts of compound, such as car door, side wai, window, floor, warehouse, the warehouse before, trunk lid. More metal welding equipment laser welding machines, laser welding
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