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Laser welding open the autonomous welding equipment industry in our country making to break

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-21
Welding is a key component in the auto parts and car manufacturing, is also a wide application fields of technology. In the process of automobile manufacture, removal of body welding, engine, gearbox, axle, chassis, body, car six big assembly manufacturing is inseparable from the welding technology. But for a long time, the advanced auto welding technology and equipment, has been the soft rib of automotive equipment industry in our country, the equipment is basically rely on imports. The good news is that this situation is expected to change in the coming years, were chasing local welding equipment manufacturing enterprises in China, one by one, a breakthrough. S autonomous welding equipment enterprise fast growth at the beginning of this year, ka wah laser technology co. , LTD. ( The laser) , dongfeng-citroen automobile, Shanghai gm, jianghuai automobile, Shanghai gm, jiangling, Great Wall and so on more than ten enterprises r&d team to complete the 'automobile manufacture with high quality and efficiency of the laser welding, cutting the key technology and equipment', was awarded the national science and technology progress award. 'The beauty of this project, not only lies in its breaking the automotive high-end laser processing equipment market in China has been the situation of monopoly by foreign enterprises, and promote China's automobile manufacturing laser processing technology in the water entering the forefront. 'China machinery industry science and technology reward jing-kun ma, director of the office, before the project results come out, our country automobile welding, cutting area has always been a foreign investment and over the host of the world. As the result of the project, the domestic automobile enterprise to a wide range of use of local manufacturing of high-end development process of laser welding, cutting and complete sets of equipment. On a large scale, he thought, the application of laser welding technology, to improve the quality of the independent brand cars will play a very active role. It is understood that so far, as a domestic leader in the field of laser welding, laser high efficient laser welding technology and equipment have been more than 200 sets of complete sets of equipment used in the dragon, the Great Wall, jac, Shanghai gm, jiangling, and other enterprises in the production line; Nearly hundred kinds of key features of research and development and a variety of complete sets of equipment design, manufacture and system integration; Complete the invention patent 10, 24, enterprise standard 3 utility model patents. Look from the feedback from the client, in the long stroke lap cut welding wire filling welding, different thickness integration, charged with thick non-penetrating precision cutting technologies such as the important means of marking or even better than foreign counterparts. S broad application in laser welding technology space car manufacturing for application of laser welding and cutting technology has provided a broad market. Not only in the field of automobile body welding, laser welding and cutting technology widely used in the manufacture of auto parts. According to statistical, 70% of car parts are available for laser welding. The application of laser welding in automobile can be divided into two categories: one kind is clipping plate laser welding; Another kind is a variety of body frame structure assembly and welding. Laser cutting in the car can be used for thin pieces of manufacturing, such as laser cutting, the preparation of the slab, processing of various kinds of holes. In the auto industry, laser technology is mainly used for automobile body welding and welding parts, such as roof and side welding. Represented by laser welding of pure quantitative welding production methods with a new idea of technology promoted the auto welding technology. In addition, some new connection method is also the first application in automotive manufacturing. Such as variable polarity MIG/MAG welding method, laser - Arc composite magnetic pulse welding method, welding method, bonding and mechanical connection methods have been successfully used in the manufacture of all kinds of new models. Laser welding
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