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Laser welding robot programming skills

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-19
Laser welding robot programming skills: choose the reasonable welding sequence, to minimize the welding deformation and welding torch walking path length to make the welding sequence. Welding torch space transition movement is shorter, smooth, safety. Optimization of welding parameters, in order to obtain a good welding parameters, making work specimen welding test and evaluation process. Adopting reasonable position displacement machine, welding torch posture, the position of the welding torch relative joint. Artifacts after displacement machine fixed, if the weld is not the ideal position and Angle, requires constantly adjust the deflection when programming machine, makes the welded seam according to the welding sequence of successive to horizontal position. At the same time, to constantly adjust the robot the shaft position, reasonably determine the position of the welding torch relative joint, Angle and length of wire stretched out. The position of the workpiece was determined, the position of the welding torch relative joint must be through the binocular programmers, is difficult. This requires a programmer experience summarization. Insert qing gun program in time, to write, after a certain length of welding procedure should be timely program insert qing gun, can prevent welding splash block welding nozzle and the conductive mouth, to ensure that the torch clean, improve the service life of nozzle, to ensure reliable arc, reducing welding spatter. Programming in general can't one pace reachs the designated position, constantly in the process of robot welding test and modify the program, adjust the welding parameters and welding gun pose, etc, will form a good program. With the development of advanced manufacturing technology, realize the automation of welding products manufacturing, flexible and intelligent has become an inevitable trend. At present, using robot welding has became the prime symbol for the modernization of welding automation technology. Due to welding robot possesses the advantages of strong commonality, reliable operation, by the people more and more attention. Metal laser welding equipment recommendation: preferential deals offer 4007001618 【 Metal laser welding equipment 】 Suitable for all kinds of complex welding, the welding of different equipment and 1 mm thick seam welding; Multi-channel fiber optic mode, welding transfer at the same time; 【 Mould laser welding equipment 】 Applicable mould industrialized, used for precision mold repair, such as digital products, mobile phones, toys, automobile, motorcycle, mold and other mold manufacturing and molding industry. 【 Gold and silver jewelry laser welding 】 Mainly used in jewelry, such as electronics, communications, handicrafts and other industries; 【 Large laser welding 】 Application in automobile body covering parts of compound, such as car door, side wai, window, floor, warehouse, the warehouse before, trunk lid. More metal welding equipment laser welding welding robot
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