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Laser welding robot workstation is applied to the golf club

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-20
Change brings new challenges to meet it is our creativity and curiosity, and customers together to develop new solution, leading them to win new breakthrough. Division of welding automation division is constantly tested, as a company dedicated to bring customers advanced technology and equipment, both in thought and action we based on long-term, more innovation. A 'noble sport,' said the Golf products, pursuing excellence Golf movement from its users experience: the flying distance, swing, accurate and easy to play and super fun shots at the same time, the performance of look forward to more easily swinging and easier on the performance of the greater distances. And these materials and manufacture process of manufacturing enterprises in put forward higher request, its craft is faced with the transition from the original manual welding to automation development bottleneck. The following is a unique fiber laser robot workstation system, is of great help to break through this bottleneck. Golf the noble sport, is of high quality pursuit. Golf ball with general performance requirements: striking distance, accuracy, low center of gravity, fight; Golf ball with the pursuit of performance, function, design change, so a ball about 1 - productive life 1. Five years, every year new upgrades, the ball is expendable, often can have the new material, new function, new technology application, the golf ball is blended in a lot of high-tech technology products. For manufacturing enterprises, in order to provide product competitiveness, each year in addition to product innovation, product design, manufacturing process of welding technology, the traditional process ( TIG welding and Plasma Plasma welding) Is already a limit stage or already cannot satisfy the requirements of the production. For example: thickness design requirements in 0. 6 - 1. 0 mm, overall control the deformation at the same time, the most after all proved that laser is the better choice of new technology. With rapid development of laser technology in nearly 10 years, equipment investment cost and use cost is much lower than in the past, these two aspects are relatively 10 years ago had great progress, so future laser welding technology in the Golf industry application space is very large. Golf ball head manufacturing technology in the development of three kinds of welding process principle, process principle of TIG welding, TIG welding ( 钨极惰性气体焊) , also known as the melting inert gas tungsten arc welding. The workpiece is heated and is not in the process of welding consumable electrode melt, arc burning between electrode and workpiece, molten pool and the protection of the electrode is flowed from the nozzle airflow protected, can wire filling welding wire filling or not. Plasma principle of Plasma welding, welding method is the use of Plasma arc as heat source. Gas produced by the arc heating dissociation, by water-cooled nozzle at high speed by compression, increase the energy density and the degree of dissociation, form a plasma arc. Its stability, calorific value and temperature is higher than that of general electric arc, thus has the larger penetration force and welding speed. Laser Laser welding principle: the use of high energy density of Laser beam, as a kind of high precision welding heat source method. Golf ball head manufacturing technology in the development of three kinds of welding process has direct impact to the performance of the ball head: first of all, the traditional manual TIG welding process, welding speed is slow, and heat input a lot larger than Plasma and Laser Laser welding, heat affected zone caused by large deformation, weld width in 6 ~ 8 mm, commonly before welding equipment is not high, there are 2 ~ 3 mm gap is 4 mm, even completely with manual welding. Such poor welding technology makes the ball head CT value, so the accuracy of the ball head blow, the degree of sound is ringing, hit the distance is more general, and the consistency of the product is poor, the quality is not stable. CT value ( The rebound coefficient, refers to the rebound value of the rod head) Is an important measure of the Golf club. CT value standard requirement, coefficient is big, the distance is far, coefficient is small, the distance to the nearest, but clubs such as the excessive use of CT values, is also not allowed to take part in the game. Second, Plasma Plasma welding and TIG welding are similar, but its internal will produce compression arc welding torch, in order to improve the arc moderate energy density, it is bigger than TIG welding speed and penetration, but inferior to the laser welding, heat input ( Heat affected zone) Smaller than TIG welding and bigger than laser. Weld width in 5 ~ 6 mm, welding equipment in front of the gap can be controlled within 1 mm. Using Plasma technology have TIG ball head CT higher, so the accuracy of the ball head blow, the degree of sound is ringing, hit the distance belongs to medium, and the consistency of the product is good, stable quality. Finally, concentrated beam Laser Laser welding process, welding heat affected zone is very small, so the minimum deformation, good penetration, welding speed, 2 ~ 3 times higher than the Plasma and welding of 0. More than 2 mm plate and weld width in 2 ~ 3 mm. Can use Laser welding, Laser processing procedures before is very high also, namely the smaller gear clearance ( 0. Less than 5 mm) So that the quality of the ball head will be higher, better consistency, and the use of laser technology, the whole ball head of manufacturing process can play better, such as ball head casting or forging blank ontology can be used to 0. 5 to 0. 6 mm material, to improve product performance. Laser welding Laser welding process of ball head and its CT value was highest ( Of course is in the allowed range) And the accuracy of ball head blow, the degree of sound is ringing, hit the distance are excellent. Laser Laser welding, of course, also have disadvantages, such as the process of the solder joint flare at 0. 4 - 0. 6 mm, relatively high demands of weld assembly, but increased the wire feed compensation function, can make up for the above defects, at the same time can satisfy the welding of dissimilar materials, especially suitable for golf so high requirements. Laser welding
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