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Laser welding technology application prospect of sanitary ware and needs

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-21
At present the national sanitary ware products market orientation, hardware sanitary ware products from the original cast iron, copper, zinc alloy development to now upgraded to stainless steel sanitary ware products, sanitary ware industry development environment of the 21st century trend must be stainless steel material, this is not in question. So the traditional argon arc welding is the root of can't satisfy the needs of upgrading the product that defend bath, that how to do? As a domestic famous laser equipment manufacturers, components of laser continuously explore new technology, overcome difficulties, the most effective way to solve the stainless steel sanitary ware products in all aspects of the problems in the laser welding, only found the problem and solve the problem, we believe that it won't be long before, will make more and more sanitary ware brand enterprise accept laser welding machine, eliminate all sorts of questions, so that we will be more efforts for each brand bathroom and all clients with the most loyal service, and provide a full range of industry leading solutions. The principle of laser welding laser welding is the use of extremely high energy density of laser fusion materials, welding speed, high intensity, narrow, small heat affected zone and weld workpiece deformation is small, less subsequent processing workload, high flexibility, etc. Laser welding machine can not only common carbon steel and stainless steel welding, welding can use traditional welding to welding materials, such as steel, aluminum, copper and other metals, and able to welding all kinds of welds. The characteristics of laser welding modern stainless steel sanitary ware manufacturing requirement for the quality of weld strength and appearance is higher and higher, especially the high added value and high parts to welding quality requirement, can be no subsequent processing or rarely subsequent processing way to complete. While traditional welding method, due to the tremendous heat input, will inevitably bring workpiece deformation, etc. In order to make up for the workpiece deformation this problem, need a lot of the follow-up processing means, thus increasing costs. Components of laser welding machine has the least amount of heat input, little heat affected zone, significantly improve the quality of welded products at the same time, can reduce the time of the follow-up work. In addition, due to the welding speed and welding depth than the big, wide can greatly increase the welding efficiency and stability. So laser welding in sanitary ware, stainless steel, glasses, mobile power supply application in industries such as manufacturing more and more common. Because of laser welding heat input is extremely low, after welding deformation is small, and can get very beautiful welding surface effect, very few welding processing, can greatly reduce or cancel the large polishing and leveling process on labor costs. Laser welding is carried out within the airtight security guard, and is equipped with automatic dust suction device, while ensuring employees' health and safety at the same time, also can keep the premises clean and tidy working environment. Advantage over traditional welding of the laser welding, laser welding, obviously, the advantages of the laser welding of the workpiece before processing precision and the requirements of the jig. To play the advantages of laser welding, reduce production costs and provide the production efficiency, to optimize product design, laser cutting, punching, bending, and the whole stainless steel production such as the laser welding process. Through investigation, we found that using laser welding process is not the main factors determining the cost stainless steel products. The actual production experience has shown that 70% of the stainless steel products cost is determined by the product design. To reduce the production cost, improve the efficiency of welding, first you need to start from the product design. During the initial product design considering the demands of laser welding of the workpiece, such as, reduce the bending process, try to use in the production of laser cutting plate, using the localization design, etc. , will make laser welding procedure and fixture is very simple, so as to achieve lower costs, improve the efficiency of the target. Case a domestic sanitary ware enterprises every year to produce 10000 pieces of aluminum alloy products. After the traditional welding method is adopted to improve the processing, need a lot of polishing process. About 3 euros polishing the cost of each product. After the laser welding technology, increased the laser equipment running cost and clamp around 8500 euros, but save the high cost of polishing; Each product the total processing time was reduced by 73%, the single product cost was reduced by 40%. Considering the input laser welding fixture and prophase preparation time ( Such as programming, welding process debugging) Is a one time, for a large quantities of products, using laser welding more cost savings. Laser welding machine in the future production development status of laser welding is applied in sanitary ware industry has for many years, along with the advance of control technology and laser technology in recent years, the use of laser welding is becoming more and more easy. How to play in stainless steel, laser welding health bath product advantage in the production, needs to be controlled, to optimize the whole process of product manufacturing. Adopt suitable for laser welding of friendly design, will be beautiful welding surface effect, improve the production efficiency, reduce the production cost of the key. Laser welding
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