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LEGO\'s BIGGEST Sets Ever Produced: A List of ALL Sets Over 1,000 Pieces!

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-11
Since Ole Kirk Christansen acquired his first plastic injection molding machine in 1947 and began to make modular plastic toys, Lego toys have become bigger and bigger.
Not only are these big Lego toys getting bigger but more detailed!

About 95% of them have been released since 2005, so keep looking at the latest ones, as there will certainly be more releases in the coming months and years!

Lego is the biggest toy sold so far.The Taj Mahal was released on 2008.

pieces.The Ultimate Millennium Falcon was released on 2007.

pieces.The headquarters of the fire brigade was released on 2016.

pieces.Tower Bridge was officially opened in 2010.

pieces.Big Ben was released on 2016.

pieces.The star of death was released on 2008.

pieces.Death Star II was released on 2005.

pieces.The Eiffel Tower was released on 2007.

pieces.The Sandcrawler was released on 2014,

pieces.Grand houseuse was released on 2009.




My Lego Story...
When I was a child, my parents couldn\'t afford toys, but my grandparents gave us some Lego toys and my parents told us that we could have any toys we wanted in this world --All we need is Lego.Later, my mom bought a large box of Lego toys at the garage auction for $20 and we were going to buy them in the next few years.
When I was 12 years old, I wrote to Lego and asked what I was going to do when I grew up working there.They wrote me a very good letter!Although I am not working at Lego today, I am an artist and often use Lego blocks with students at work.The Statue of Liberty is like the first big Lego toy I built.One day I was wondering how many other big episodes were created, and I think a lot of other people were asking the same question.So, this is a compilation of my biggest Lego collection ever!I hope you enjoy these great pieces as much as I do and help pass on the love of Lego to others.
Want to see what these great suits look like?

Many photo galleries contain dozens of pictures, so be sure to scroll through all of them!
The names, set numbers, year of release, and number of pieces are listed with each photo.Enjoy!
Famous ArchitectureThese Lego toys are based on the most famous structure in the world, and the details are as detailed as the size!
The first big Lego toy I built was the Statue of Liberty, which was incredible!I think I \'ve been showing something for over a year before I finally disassemble it to build something else.At the moment, I own the Taj Mahal and Tower Bridge, although I am thinking about getting the Eiffel Tower to finish the collection better.
MODULARS -The TV series made its debut in 2007 and is popular worldwide.These cycle structures are called \"modules\" because the various floors are falling off.
The first Lego Modular building I built was the cafe corner, and although the Paris restaurant was right behind it, it was still my favorite.I currently have all the Lego modules except Market Street because I built that one but didn\'t like it.However, I \'ve been waiting for collectors on Market Street to go up in price and end up selling at a premium, which covers my next four modules.
STAR WARS -\"Star Wars\" is undoubtedly one of the most popular movie series ever, and one of Lego\'s best-selling Theme series.
I\'m a major fan of the Star Wars movie, but I \'ve only made a few iconic pieces in Lego blocks.My first one is X.Very interesting, I really like the Yoda statue I have built several times.I currently own R2-One day it was a dream to build the Millennium Falcon.
Movie Theme (TV other than Star Wars )-We all like movies and we all like to play with the toys in these stories.
I only built the castle of hogwater from this category, although some of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit episode are on my future \"build list!
Ships, planes, trains (and other moving \"vehicles \")-As humans, we seem to be fascinated by speed and \"going where humans have never been!
I currently own the mass bus but I would like to use it to trade mini copper which I think is lovely.The space shuttle is interesting to build and I have the imperial flagship on my dream list.
More than 1,000 \"other\" Lego toysJust because these suits fall into the \"other\" category doesn\'t mean they\'re not that impressive!
The big carousel is the hardest Lego building I \'ve ever done.It was fun, but I prefer the Ollie Dragon and the mini statue.The medieval market has a lot of details that I really appreciate.I don\'t own a building studio at the moment, but I want to add it to my collection next.
Small size...
While the big Lego toys look fun, you can still have a good time with smaller games as many of the above works also have smaller sets.
For example, between 2000 and 2011, Star Wars Millennium Falcon was released in 7 different suits in sizes ranging from 13 pieces to 87, 356, 641, 971, 1,233, of course, the final 5,174 behemoth-Just choose the set that suits your space and budget!

Now, all the big Lego toys listed above are set.You see, there are many cool, very big, very creative models that can be built using basic Lego blocks to create custom designs without having to buy \"kits \".(Take a look at the work of artist Nathan Sawaya for more examples-Nathan and one of his works is on the right ).
Really, I mean, why should Lego designers have all the fun?Ordinary children and adults can create large pieces that are as detailed and imaginative as the Lego retail suit.With just a lot of Lego blocks, you can start building and designing your own new forms based on your personal interests.
Obviously, Lego is more than just for kids...
Which one do I like best?
I\'m obviously an avid Lego fan, so a lot of people ask, \"which one do you like best ?\"?\"This is not one of the easiest questions to answer!If I could choose a full category, I think I would say modules because I like the details of each module and how they are combined to create a huge town!For a group, though, I think it will be the Statue of Liberty.This is the first 1,000 LEGO toys I have ever built, all in the same color (minus the flame) and you have a lot of bricks to create other custom pieces.In fact, I even made my own Ollie statue with the sand green bricks of my Statue of Liberty, and he looks very good in this color!
The information comes from my own 20 years of Lego experience, researching dates and other specific data from Lego books and websites.Many photos come from my own collection, while others come from Amazon (via our affiliate status) or from other public domain image sources/friends around the world.All Lego \"artwork\" created by individuals are specifically identified.
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