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Liquid filling and sealing machinery and precautions

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-14
? Before filling the peony liquid, the quality indexes such as the content, color and clarity of the filtrate should be checked, and the filling can be performed only when the requirements are met. Filling equipment, needles, pipes, etc. must be rinsed with fresh distilled water and boiled for sterilization. In addition, the working environment must be clean and meet the requirements. The prepared solution should be filled and sealed on duty. If there are special circumstances, effective anti-pollution measures must be taken. The time to be filled can be appropriately extended, but it cannot exceed 48 hours. A production card shall be placed in the semi-finished product container after filling or filling and sealing, indicating the product name, specifications, batch number, date, filling (sealing) machine number and operator ID. Operators must constantly check the quality of the semi-finished products after filling and sealing, and adjust the filling (sealing) machine at any time to ensure that the difference in filling volume meets the requirements and quality of the filling and sealing. Oral liquid machinery is a device for automatic quantitative filling and sealing of easy-to-lid oral liquid glass bottles. It mainly includes several parts such as bottle feeding, medicine filling, cap sending, sealing, and transmission. The main components of the medicine filling part are the pump assembly and the medicine quantity regulating mechanism, which completes the quantitative filling of the medicine liquid. The cap feeding part is mainly realized by the electromagnetic vibrating table and the slideway, and the cap is flipped and selected to complete the automatic supply of the cap. The sealing part is completed by the robot. The drive part of the whole machine can be driven by a motor to drive centrally, or coordinated by several motors for bottle feeding, medicine filling and capping. Call for Papers / Information Cooperation Email: Copyright and Disclaimer All works marked 'Source: Pharmacy' on this website, the copyright belongs to Pharmacy. Please reprint Pharmacy, Violators of this website will be held responsible for relevant legal responsibilities. If the company releases company news, technical articles, data downloads, etc., which involves infringement or violation of regulations, the publishing company shall bear the responsibility on its own, and this website has the right to delete the content and track the responsibility. This website reprints and indicates works from other sources for the purpose of conveying more information. It does not mean that this website agrees with its views or confirms the authenticity of its content, and does not assume direct and joint liability for infringement of such works. When other media, websites or individuals reprint from this website, they must retain the source of the works indicated on this website and bear their own legal responsibilities such as copyright. If you are involved in the content of the work, copyright, etc., please contact this website within one week from the date of publication of the work, otherwise it is deemed to waive the relevant rights. 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