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liquid silicone meter-mix unit. (equipment).

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-14
Liquid Silicone Measuring instrument driven by 630 servo motor-
The mixing device is designed to be installed on or near the injection molding machine and fed to A and B silicone in A 1:1 ratio.
It\'s provided as a stand.
Separate unit with control or integrated unit with injection pressure control I/O interface.
The feed pump provides materials for one or more of these machines.
This unit is a single agent.
For medium to large lenses, it will refill each cycle after the plasticization cycle of the press is completed.
For small lenses, it is possible to program to refill after multiple shots.
It is said that the pressure sensors in the and B meter cylinders ensure that both cylinders are full before closing the intake valve. A servo-
The electric cylinder extends the two pistons to the pump and retracts back to refill.
The pneumatic power inlet and outlet valves of each material eliminate the need for closing valves in the mixed material pipeline.
The feed throat pressure is controlled through a closed loop between the barrel inlet pressure sensor and the servo meter.
The linear converter on the meter gives an absolute position and gives the required pulse to allow for a percentage programmable color or third stream addition when used with the SN751 color syringe. (
Fluid automation)
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