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Longford phone tower conditions rejected

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-21
Earlier this year, the Commission was advised to allow Telstra to build 26-With the consent of both parties, Mita, Littleton Street.Two of the three conditions of the Council were rejected, resulting in itxa0Refused to agree on the amendment proposed by Telstra last night and refusedxa0The conditions were decided at the court\'s re-hearing.The motion to reject the Telstra condition came from Cr Jeff Carins, who said: \"From where I sit, we have no choice in this matter.
Only Cr Matthew Brooks voted against the council\'s decision.Tasman gourmet kitchen and home of artisan cafe owners Caroline and Bill Dowling, who moved here from Sydney to enjoy the heritage of the town, expressed their aversion to Telstra at council meetings, and called for an open meeting.The couple threatened to sell their homes and businesses if the tower was built, endangering nearly 50 temporary and complete-time jobs.
Dowling said he was pleased with the council\'s response.Mayor Kim Polley called Telstra\'s neglect of the region\'s heritage \"the poor \".\"I know that once these towers are built, the extra stuff will be added --ons -It\'s not coming through Parliament, she said, and it\'s about me.
An Australian Telecom spokesman said the company had received about 150 complaints from mobile networks in the region over the past six months.\"In general, before deciding on a water treatment plant located within the utility service area, adjacent to the special historical protection zone, Telstra surveyed nine locations and provided the best solution to provide the required network capacity, he said.\"\"We need to balance the need to deliver the services that the community expects and the community\'s perception of infrastructure.
Crxa0Polley said that the legal advice received by the Commission and the possibility of holding an open meeting will be discussed at a closed meeting last night
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