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Lubrication and maintenance of aseptic filling machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-03
I. Lubrication and maintenance of aseptic filling machine (1) It is necessary to regularly replace the worm gear reducer and stepping box lubricating oil ,( Oil Change time for six months future every year replace a)Often check whether the oil level is maintained. (2) It is necessary to add a small amount of lubricating oil to each bearing and sliding guide rod (Tips are not limited to drop)(3)Regularly check whether the mechanical connection is loose. Second, the common faults and cleaning methods of aseptic filling machine: 1, the Cup is not normal (1)Check whether the cup dropping device is aligned with the template. (2)Whether the Cup meets the standard. 2, electric eye knife action failure (1) After the sealing pattern is calibrated with the container mouth, whether the electric eye head is aligned with the color code ( It is suggested that the position of zui is aligned with the color code below the center). (2)The Electric Eye head is too far away from the sealing film. (3) The electric eye sensitivity potentiometer zui is as large as zui, and the electric eye fails to work normally. 3, the seal is not firm (1)Whether the air pressure is normal. (2)Whether the temperature is appropriate (Electric Eye tube whether burn out thermometer whether failure. )(3)Whether the quality of film sealing data meets the requirements. (4) The sealing time is too short, the one-way throttle valve is adjusted, the cylinder running speed is accelerated, and the cylinder residence time is prolonged. (5) Regularly clean the hot head to ensure its working face is bright and clean. 4, shear constantly (1)Whether the air pressure is normal. (2)Whether the tool is worn or not, the tool should be worn or replaced. Electromagnetic did not pass purification, should add a purifier.
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