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Matters needing attention of Shenzhen handheld advertising word laser welding machine users

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
In the first two months, large areas of cooling have occurred throughout the country, and many areas have directly 'frozen into dogs '. Since the weather is getting cooler, in order to make the products sold by the laser better create value for customers, today we will talk about how to maintain our handheld advertising laser welding machine equipment and what we should pay attention to when using the equipment. Everyone should read carefully and don't worry! 1. External cleaning of the equipment: the main components of the advertising word laser welding machine are optical components. The equipment should keep its surface clean at all times. Please install the equipment in a place where there is no dust or less dust indoors, keep the external environment of the equipment clean, focusing on the following parts: 1. Laser light path dust cover; 2. The top of the refrigeration water tank is clean; 3. Clean the protective lens at least once a day. If there are too many stains, please replace it with a new protective lens. 2. Maintenance and maintenance of refrigeration equipment: 1. Please make sure the water tank is full before starting up; 2. Clean the dust in front of the water tank regularly; 3. The replacement of the filter element, when it is found to turn yellow or black, it is necessary to replace the new one in time to ensure that the water flow through the laser cavity is clean. The longest replacement time is 2 months; 4. Replace the water source of the water tank regularly for 30 days to ensure the cleaning of the ceramic core, lamp and Rod of the condenser cavity. To ensure the cooling effect of the laser, please add distilled water to the cooling equipment, the worst is pure water. Warm Tip: If the equipment is not used for a long time, the cooling water should be exhausted. Finally, xenon lamp, as a common light source for advertising word laser welding machine equipment, is usually also called laser xenon lamp and pulse xenon lamp. Xenon lamp is a kind of photocell or flash lamp filled with xenon. Xenon chemical properties are not lively, can not burn, also does not support combustion. It is the natural rare gas with the largest molecular weight and the highest density. Xenon high-pressure lamp radiates strong ultraviolet rays, which can be used in medical treatment, spectrometer spectrum production and various industrial laser equipment. 3. Replacement of xenon lamp: 1. The service life of normal xenon lamp is more than 1 million times or it needs to be replaced for about 6 months; 2. Xenon lamp is one of the consumables used in this machine. Due to the long-term use of equipment, the energy of xenon lamp will be reduced. If the parameters are debugged at 160A- When 180A, it is still impossible to weld the product, please replace it with a new xenon lamp.
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