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【Meizu News release] Expose the great contribution made by laser marking machine to mobile phone industry

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-24
A few days ago, the Meizu brand mobile phone held a Meizu Note8 press conference in the Forbidden City and the Meizu 8X first sales meeting attracted much attention. In fact, every year mobile phone manufacturers rush to launch new products, which is undoubtedly to better promote brands and products so that consumers can see their own improvements and achievements this year. In fact, in the iteration and improvement of mobile phones, laser marking machines have been making great contributions to mobile phones. Mobile phone is the primary application in laser processing and manufacturing at present. Mobile phone laser marking machine is a clean and pollution-free high environmental protection processing skill. It has non-touch carving, no deformation of workpieces, high carving precision and high definition, good durability and other results. Well-known laser marking of mobile phone components mainly includes: Logo marking, mobile phone shell marking, mobile phone battery marking, mobile phone jewelry marking, headset marking, power adapter marking, etc. Laser Marking for mobile phones generally has the following characteristics: 1. High precision, high efficiency and low cost of laser processing; 2, mobile phone can process a wide range of mobile phone shell, mobile phone film, mobile phone screen, chip and other components are suitable for laser processing; 3. There are many mobile phone parts, which require a variety of laser processing methods to be used at the same time, including purple laser, fiber laser, etc; 4. There are many sources of mobile phone materials, including metals, plastics, dielectric materials, liquid crystal materials, etc. Different laser equipment is needed; In order to make mobile phone products achieve good results, laser marking machine equipment can meet the different process requirements of different mobile phone products, which also helps mobile phone manufacturers to make a lot of support in iterative development.
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