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Metal advertising world fiber laser cutting machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-17
Socially to see so many ads in the finished product, all kinds of useful materials, and the most common is acrylic, double color boards, stickers, etc. , as well as metal materials. Due to the use of metal advertising samples more and more, so popular in the advertising industry began to use optical fiber laser cutting machine. Metal, as emerging materials, advertising is not new. Due to the metal to finished products are mostly enameled color, there is a powerful, elegant, delicate, heavy feeling, so all kinds of gorgeous metal crafts, metal nameplate/sign has become a part of the public. So, in the world of advertising, metal plays an important role. And optical fiber laser cutting machine, it is the role of the carrier. A, it has extremely fast cutting speed and high cutting precision. Domestic initiative of the roller screw + grade imported grinding gear rack 'hybrid transmission components and modular design of beam structure, enables the cutting to remain stable. Advertisement in today's competitive market, a high efficiency of laser equipment helps to raise their status. Second, automated optical fiber laser equipment is able to reduce costs, increase profits. Don't need a lot of people, also do not need a large number of old equipment can't keep up with times development, so only suitable metal cutting machine can play a better effect. Every dream need to support power, every harvest accompanied by effort, every success has a correct method. Laser in the way of success, study continuously, continuously harvest, summarize unceasingly. Therefore, and constantly developed in line with market demand for laser equipment. In the processing production of metal, even more so. Due to the species diversity and special structural metallic materials, need a suitable carrier for the perfect processing, both to retain the characteristics of the metal, also want to ensure the processing precision. Optical fiber laser cutting metal laser cutting
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