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molding defects -

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-07
Injection molding machines are really a very powerful tool that can effectively create plastic products for many industries and manufacturers.Unfortunately, many complications occur during injection molding, resulting in a large number of defects.If complications are not handled in a timely manner, the high quality of the mold is reduced, resulting in an interruption of the production process.The injection molding machine cannot be produced at 100% efficiency, but by identifying the problem and proposing solutions, the high yield of each project can be achieved.Engineers need to constantly identify molding defects and propose viable solutions so that the production line is not negatively affected.The first molding defect that occurs is a burn rash.You can find burn marks on the item by finding an easy to see dark black and brown.The appearance of burn marks is only because there is not enough ventilation during the molding process, which will eventually lead to extreme thermal damage to plastic products.As liquid plastic aggregates enter the cavity at such a fast rate, the burning traces also occur at the injection speed.The second type of forming defect is called flash.After creating the plastic project, you can see the additional materials contained in the finished product.The flashing defect occurred initially because the mold was packaged in a way that could not contain the molding process.Flash defects can also occur when the tool is damaged, because the force of the fixture can be too low.The final reason for the flash defect is that too much plastic material or dirt on the countertop is inserted from the Hopper into the heated barrel, eventually resulting in the final plastic product not having symmetry.The third molding defect that occurs is the flow mark.After the production of plastic products is completed, you can easily find lines and various patterns on plastic aggregates.Flow mark defects occur due to many factors, including too low injection speed.If the injection speed is too low, the plastic aggregate will cool at a very fast rate, which will cause stripes to occur when the plastic starts forming, even if the plastic does not enter the cavity.In order to be able to repair the flow marking complications, the engineer should speed up the injection process so that the plastic aggregate does not cool until it enters the subsequent molding phase.The last molding defect that occurred is called warping.Due to the deformation of plastic parts, the process of warping will occur.The causes of the warping process include the fact that the cooling time becomes too short, and the temperature distortion of the water, which causes the molding process to shrink when the final plastic product is produced.In addition, you will find a series of molding defects that should be dealt with as soon as possible to prevent damage to future products.
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