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More accurate ruler is glass tube scale laser marking machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
Items like glass tubes and glasses may not often appear in our eyes in our lives, but such items may be seen everywhere in the medical industry or in the laboratory. In our impression, things like glass are very easy to break, but have you ever thought about applying the laser marking technology to glass tubes and glasses? Don't think I'm talking too much, then let's prove it with facts! In fact, it is not difficult to apply laser marking technology to glass tubes and glasses (Carbon dioxide)CO2 laser marking machine can be completely realized. We all know that glass is fragile, so we cannot produce too much power in carving, otherwise it will lead to glass breakage. And carbon dioxide (CO2) The laser marking machine has no external force, and the special laser wavelength (10. 6um) It is very mild when processing glass, so there will be no consequences of glass breakage. However, the glass tube laser marking machine is not limited to these characteristics. Let's take a look at other performance advantages and characteristics of the glass tube laser marking machine. Advantages and characteristics of glass tube laser marking machine: 1. Better marking control software, powerful function and simple operation; 2. Reasonable overall structural design, better stability and higher reliability; 3. Imported CO2 laser is adopted, with good beam quality, stable light output and low failure rate; 4, industrial control computer anti-interference ability is strong, to ensure long-term stable work in the industrial environment; 5. Equipped with high-speed synchronous servo motor scanning mirror, it has good coordination, fast marking speed, high precision and is suitable for industrial mass production;
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