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【 Mountain spring production equipment 】 The key to the stability of drinking water

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-15
【 Mountain spring production equipment 】 Drinking water on the stability of key choose hollow fiber ultrafiltration mountain spring production equipment, can be used to remove the colloid particles, bacteria in the water, heat source and macromolecular organic compounds, purified water, the depth of material, and organic macromolecular substances such as separation, enrichment, classification, purification have very good effect, polypropylene membrane because of its the structure and properties of common, in the aspect of environmental protection and water resource regeneration, twinning in environmental engineering, especially have widely used in wastewater treatment. Mountain spring production equipment used in RO system preposition: to be able to source the turbidity in the water to below 1 ntu, remove the suspended solids in the water, colloid, bacteria, and organic materials to ensure the stability of the RO membrane water rate and desalting rate. As the host part of the mountain spring production equipment, can effectively filter out water flow of suspended solids, organic matter, bacteria and harmful material such as e. coli, the transparency of the water flow increased significantly, and keep the water flow in various minerals beneficial to human body health. Home drinking water purification, unit and living community group: tap water for secondary processing, not only in the water a lot of suspended solids, colloid particles, and make it clean, clear water brew transparent, and also to remove the organic matters, such as e. coli bacteria and pathogenic substances, make water clean health straight drinking water; Surface water, river water or well water treatment after drinking saves water plant process, the product of national drinking water standard, and ultrafiltration membrane system with high recovery rate, low equipment investment and operation cost, power consumption and small features. Mountain spring production equipment using nanofiltration membrane biochemical reactor with coupled together, the development of membrane biochemical reactor, to use membrane separation products, the substrate and enzyme are trapped, after keep adding the substrate, to reach the repeated use of enzyme and the purpose of high yield rate and biochemical products. Nanofiltration membrane in drinking water treatment in addition to soften, used for decolorizing and removal of natural organic matter and organic matter ( Such as pesticides, etc. ) Disinfection by-products, three substances, and its precursor and volatile organic compounds, to ensure the biological stability of drinking water.
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