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Need to pay attention to the operation of the

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-13
? 注意 Pay attention to the following during the operation of the sealing machine: 1. Do not put your hands on the high-temperature cloth during work to avoid hurting your hands. 2. When dirt is found on the sealing tape and heating block, it should be stopped to remove it. When the temperature is too high, do not remove it directly by hand. 3. Clean the surface daily without dust. 4. It is strictly forbidden to idle the equipment. The machine must be shut down for a long time to avoid waste of resources. 5. Insufficient sealing is a common problem of continuous sealing machines. The sealing of packaging bags cannot be sealed. Such failures include the following: (1) The heat-sealing temperature is not enough. Adjust the temperature appropriately according to the material and thickness of the packaging bag. (2) The heat-sealing speed is too fast. The failure to close the mouth is also related to the speed of the sealing machine. If the sealing speed is too fast in the future and it is heated, it will be sent to the cold pressing place for cooling treatment by the traction wheel, which is naturally less than the quality requirement of heat sealing. (3) The pressure of the cold-pressing caster is not suitable. There is one on each side of the cold-pressing rubber wheel. The pressure between them should be moderate. You only need to clamp the spring when adjusting the pressure. (4) There is a problem with the quality of the heat-sealing film. If the corona treatment of the composite lining is not uniform, the effect is not good. Bin happens to appear at the seal, and it cannot be sealed. (5) If there is moisture, dirt, or material in the seal, it will not seal properly. 6. Although the mouth of the bag is sealed, if it is squeezed or peeled slightly, the seal will crack again. The cause of this failure is generally the uneven surface of the heat sealing knife, which is divided into two pieces. There are three screws on the heat sealing knife. The middle screw plays the role of support and reinforcement. The other two screws are equipped with springs and gaskets. Itching is used to adjust the heat sealing pressure. The upper and lower blades each have two springs. The main reason for the uneven blade is that the middle screw is inclined. It is not horizontal or the eyes of the pressure spring of the heat sealing knife are uneven. 7. In order to improve the service life of the sealing tape, before preparing to shut down, it is required to return the temperature adjustment knob to zero and turn on the fan. At this time, the temperature pointer starts to slowly drop, and the sealing tape should still be running. After a few minutes, the temperature and the main power switch can be turned off after the temperature drops below 100 ° C.
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