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Net red custom lipstick shell lettering _ UV laser marking machine set off marketing tornado

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-25
Lipstick is a woman's dress. What benefits will lipstick bring? Become beautiful, the mood also becomes beautiful. Recently, the custom laser marking lipstick shell, which was popular with TikTok and Kuaishou, set off a marketing tornado, causing countless little brothers and fairies to chop their hands. Girls dress themselves with lipstick entirely to please themselves. With the assistance of laser marking lipstick shell, you can easily create various designs of characters, logos and carved patterns on the shell. Different patterns give each lipstick a unique meaning, all are adding romanticism to lipstick. Some text patterns and logo information marked on the ordinary lipstick shell are easy to be erased, and the collection value is greatly reduced, while the lipstick shell marked by the laser marking machine is clear and beautiful, the logo information of the pattern will not be erased and is loved by many women. The text pattern information marked on the lipstick shell by the laser marking machine makes the whole lipstick full of vitality and texture. In some special festivals, using UV laser marking machine to engrave a unique 'limited edition' custom lipstick on the lipstick shell can not only express one's heart, but also have a romantic feeling. Laser marking is permanent and will not fade no matter how long it takes, it has great commemorative significance and collection value. The appearance of laser marking crafts has driven the new trend of lipstick industry, the temptation to wander between lips.
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