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New laser punching machine applied in aviation turbine engine blade machining

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-28
In today's technology innovation, different processing methods and processing technology constantly emerging, the traditional technology, while also constantly strives for perfection, but still can't meet the needs of processing now, in order to effectively meet the needs of present processing technology, many industries are now using new technology to carry on the processing manufacture now. Laser drilling was among the first to achieve practical application of laser processing technology, it is also one of the main application field for laser processing. High hardness, high melting point of materials of traditional processing methods can not satisfy certain technical requirements. This kind of processing task using conventional mechanical processing method is very difficult, sometimes even impossible, but with laser punching is not difficult to realize. Highly concentrated laser beam on the space and time, the use of lens focus, can be to reduce the light spot diameter for 105 - micron level 1015 w/cm2 laser power density. Such a high power density can in almost any material laser drilling, and other methods, such as mechanical drilling, edm, such as compared to conventional drilling methods, has the following significant advantages of laser drilling speed, high efficiency and good economic benefit. Now because aircraft turbofan engine, the engine operating temperature is relatively high, can reach 1360 ℃, so in the temperature of melting point material can achieve, therefore, for a turbofan engine blade manufacturing requires very complex method is used for cooling, then you need above the blade of the turbofan engine work out tiny pores in place to ensure that the cold air circulation, so as to prevent damage of blades caused by high temperature. In the blade for high temperature damage at the same time, also need to ensure the stability of the turbofan blade under strong airflow pressure at high speed, this needs to punch in time not only to find out the right position, but also need not weaken the performance of the blade. A high accuracy requirement of the process, using the traditional techniques not only complex operation, at the same time also cannot be achieved in accuracy as well as the requirements above, the need to use laser drilling techniques. With the constant innovation of now laser technology, laser technology has entered a rapid development track, turbofan engine blades using laser punching, is a laser beam into water droplets, such as hair thickness so that water can play a role similar to optical fiber, then the laser guide to turbofan engine blade surface, the machining of this is beneficial to reduce the temperature of the material, as well as to remove the processing chip. Through this technology not only greatly improve the performance of the turbofan engine, as well as present turbofan engine design provides a more creative, believe that with the constant improvement of laser technology application in the future, as well as related technology matures, laser application in the aerospace sector will also be more vast. As now the fiber laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine, widely used in aviation today, its unique technological characteristics but also for the aviation sector now added more vitality, powerful promoted the development of the space industry. Laser laser drilling technology
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