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New laser technology application in lightweight structure

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-28
Industry and cost-effective production of lightweight design technology demands more and more challenging, including more based on the design and reduce the size of the volume trend, the market needs to be easier and more flexible production process, and the long distance laser welding technology is a feasible solution. Under the impetus of the metal composite concept, the structure of the car lightweight is becoming more and more interesting, such as aluminum - Steel structure, as well as local adjustment of intensity distribution. Long distance control laser technology can be used for direct connection of aluminium - A tee joint of the steel and laser quenching, significantly improve the performance of collision on the steel profiles. Laser local reinforcement used in the design of lightweight because must according to the high load design wall thickness, local stress components are often so large size. In the low stress area, the thickness of the steel plate will exceed the required range, thereby increasing the unnecessary parts weight. In addition, have developed a wide variety of expensive high strength steel, they have good formability. But now always need in the quality of the parts and compromise between cost and collision safety, this is we need to solve the problem. To according to local load condition to precisely adjust the attribute of parts, a flexible based on the remote control technology of laser strengthening innovation methods are developed. According to the processing of steel quenching potential, remelting track or flat trajectory of high hardness surfacing weld can make the tensile strength of more than 1500 mpa, roughly twice the untreated base material. Particularly important, needs to be tested against the impact of the bending stress, such as shock before and after the shock, B column and strengthen shaped materials, so that make the design optimizes the weight and the load. With the help of numerical simulation, we can realize the bending stress of the impact and to optimize the design of the track, for example, positive impact or side hit a tree. With the aid of laser remote technology, trajectory design can be realized in the actual parts. Compared with the reference, can make local laser deflection fused tubular profiles is reduced by half, although only the part was about 3% of the volume for the local hardening long-distance laser welding to achieve more design production have good mechanical properties of composite parts needed a new connection method, especially in the case of laser application. Selective laser melting with the steel aluminum composite slot ( web - 槽) Connection is a kind of solution. In order to realize the direct connection technology, especially the tee joint compound, must be a long process of laser control combined with a new integrated design method. Selective melting process to avoid the formation of intermetallic compounds. Including long distance through the height control technology to low melting point material for selective laser melting. To be specific, the aluminum side of the joint design needs to be adjusted. To achieve this goal, developed for tee joint laser can be used to implement the slot structure design. By optimizing the long distance laser technology, can realize different shapes of joint. Basically, can by adjusting the width of scanning, scanning speed and laser power to ensure that this side only melting aluminum. In addition, the optimization of unilateral laser process also allows a double-sided aluminum shape of assembly. Metallographic analysis shows that the border area between steel and aluminum can form a smaller will not affect intermetallic phase. In the cross section of the related to the intensity ( 'Laser rivet head') The contents of iron, there is no detected. Like the pedal parts, chassis longitudinal beam and bumper, technology is the resistance spot welding, usually the lap welding flange width is 20 mm. In order to satisfy the body parts of regular size structure, the collision of the structure of the steel - is determined Steel spot welding size is 80 * 80 * 900 mm, the lap joint flange width is 20 mm. Due to these new laser technology, we can eliminate the lap joint flange, and the parts weight can reduce about 20%. In order to reduce the extra weight, low stress load of steel plate was replaced by the aluminum plate, so as to make the weight further decreased by 10%. Vehicle crash test results show that compared with the traditional spot welding design, eliminate composite parts from bending stiffness caused by the welding flanges, high structure stiffness of joint to obtain compensation. This is to use linear welding ( Slot connection) Instead of a dot connection ( Spot welding) Caused by the results. In addition, three collision test showed that can through the study of the additional local laser hardening of composite structure to reduce the deflection. Laser laser machining process
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