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New type water treatment antiscale material appeared HRCC specializes in scale

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
【 Water treatment equipment 】 Most parts of China hard water, and water hardness is calculated according to the concentration of calcium and magnesium ions in water. The most obvious performance is hard water will produce a large scale after heating. Scale if there is no clear in time, whether to human health or equipment used have great harm. Hard water quality common for China, and scale of the development of a new water treatment material & ndash; — HRCC。 (HRCC 再结合催化氢水晶) Is overseas laboratory after six years to research and development, the use of NAC nuclear auxiliary crystallization technology modification of the new water treatment material HRCC instant ceramic surface under the influence of water cracked into regularity hexagon shape, this hexagonal called & other; Active point & throughout; 。 When the water touch HRCC, calcium bicarbonate Ca ( HCO吗? ) ? With active contacts. Calcium bicarbonate bicarbonate ions in the loss of hydrogen restructuring reaction, formed carbonate and carbonate ions. Carbonate will be further decomposed into carbon dioxide and water. Calcium in newly formed carbonate ions to form the insoluble in water attached to the activity of calcium carbonate, when gathered at activity of calcium carbonate to a certain diameter form stable micro crystal was instantly play from back in the water and are no longer together. Simple said: ordinary hard water after HRCC catalytic processing scale of mineral weak soda water. Water treatment equipment about: HRCC anti-scaling efficiency reached 99. 99%, not only can efficiently scale, but also meet the following five advantages: 1, 2 don't need salt or other chemicals, high limitation for only 1 seconds contact time 3, no 4, 5, or the need for electricity does not produce any washing wastewater control valve of water treatment scale test reagent contrast: ( Left one: by HRCC treated with clear scale, right up an unprocessed turbidity scale) HRCC exhibit the characteristics of fully proved very suitable for water purification field, the ground of this technology to promote technology pattern will change the current domestic water purification field. The current domestic water purification is one of the most used in the field of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration technology. But there are certain defects both techniques. Reverse osmosis water purifiers have no nutrition, ultrafiltration water purifiers have scale, when consumer is choosing water purification products will face a dilemma. And the function of HRCC perfect solved the problem of the consumers, both retained the minerals also effectively solve the scaling problems. Water treatment equipment, technical director said HRCC antiscale technology in the future will be spray applications to various areas such as: water, coffee, beverage, hotels, laundry, industrial, and other fields to benefit mankind.
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