An Overview of Water Purification Steps For A Water Filling Machine


Where you get your water from is very important and the type of water you drink since water is part of one of the most important thing to life.

Bottled water goes through a series steps of purification so as to get the water purified before being bottled for distribution, this is done by using a water filling machine.

It is just as important to choose a good water filling machine as drinking a highly purified water is essential.

To get the best quality machine and other purification accessories, it is necessary to partner with a good and reliable water filling machine manufacturer. Let me go straight to what it takes to get a water purified.

An Overview of Purified Water

Even though water goes through series of stages or steps of purification, the fact of the matter is that, water is never 100% purified.

For example, tap water goes through chemical treatment as well as mechanical sieving before the water is drinkable, by doing this, it allows all the soil particles or unhealthy mineral residue to be removed.

Pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria etc. are removed by purifying the water.

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Stages of Purification Done to Municipal Water

Four main stages of purification done to municipal water before being package with water filing machine. They are;

Coagulation and flocculation

When positively charged chemical agent is being added to water it removed negatively charged residue in the water. After that is done floc occurs., and flocs referred to when tiny particles can then form large particles.


After the large flocs are formed, they are then purified out by allowing the large flocs to settle at the base of the water.


Water will be clear of any odor, taste and any other tiny microscopic particles when it passes through the filtration component like sand.


To disinfect the water, chemicals is being introduced. For example, chemicals like chlorine can be use. Chlorine serves the purpose of germicide in the water. Germicide means an agent that destroys microorganisms.

After using the above stages, your water is ready to be bottled using a good quality water filling machine.

Distillation Method

For a best result on how to purify your water, using distillation method looks like the finest method to use in other to get your water purified.

By using the distillation method, the water can use for industrial purposes or used like in the production of pharmaceutical products would be carried out.

Apart from distillation method, there are other methods that can be used to purified water. They are;

  • Carbon filtration
  • Microfiltration
  • Ultraviolet oxidation
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Deionization
  • Electrode ionization etc.

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