Basic Tips For Choosing A Perfect Roller Conveyor


Conveyor rollers are a type of conveyor that uses rollers to transfer products from one stage of the manufacturing process to the next.

They transport objects from one location to another using mechanical power or gravity.

They accomplish this by utilizing a frame that holds moving rollers (spaced, revolving cylinders) together.

Materials passing through the conveyor rollers must have a hard surface supported by at least three of the rollers.

As much as you require conveyor rollers, you should also be helped in selecting the greatest and most appropriate model for you.

In this article, we will go over a set of criteria/specifications to think about before selecting conveyor rollers.

It is also crucial to note that you should get your roller conveyors from a reputed and trusted supplier, where you will be sure to obtain good value for money.

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Guidelines for choosing a conveyor roller

Here are some guidelines for choosing the best conveyor roller:

Examine the accumulation and load type

This is mostly determined by the product being presented. The type of conveyor roller to be used is determined by the weight of the product and the delicateness of the product.

For example, gravity conveyor rollers work best with low to medium weight products such as bags, boxes, and totes.

Gravity conveyor rollers, on the other hand, should not be used with particularly delicate geometries such as electronics and manufacturing parts.

Examine the frame material and the roller

The materials utilized to build the rollers and the frame should be examined.

The frame should ideally be composed of aluminum or steel, depending on the level of loading that will be applied to the system.

Conveyor rollers come in a variety of materials since they have a direct impact on how your product moves.

This is why you must select a roller that will maintain your product on the line while not negatively impacting it.

Some rollers are plastic-coated, while others are constructed of aluminum or steel. Choose a frame that can support the weight of the material you're creating as well as the weight of the rollers.

Calculate the distance and curve

In order to select a conveyor roller, you must first calculate the span and curvature.

If your product's shape or design includes a curve, for example, you won't be able to use a flat belt roller.

roller conveyor 

Examine the size and direction of the rollers

After you've determined the size of your products, figure out the best way to organize them so that they don't hinder mobility.

Larger rollers are required for a higher high impact load, whilst small rollers are required for a low impact load.

Determine the distance between the rollers, ensuring that at least three rollers are always beneath the items.

Determine the level of control and the surrounding environment

Make sure you know how your product should move and how much control you should provide it.

Also, consider the environment in which the conveyor roller will operate; in cases of excessive heat, filth, dampness, or dust, a stronger conveyor roller design is recommended.

If perfect time and little pressure are required, a high-tech conveyor roller can be used to achieve the desired precision.

Are you in need of a perfect and strong conveyor roller design

In case you are looking to get a roller conveyor that suits your needs and gives your product the desired exactness, ensure it is from a professional and reliable manufacturer.

Do contact us to check and place your order today. A trial will convince you.

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