How Does Soda Filling Machine Work?


The use of technology in different industries, including the packaging industry, enables easy and fast production. A soda filling machine is one of the machines that make the production process easy, fast, and efficient.

Everyone is excited to take a bottle of chilled carbonated drink without caring about how it is produced. However, as a company, you need to know how this machine works if you want to purchase it for production.

We are going to take you through how this machine works. So, keep reading as we give you a smooth ride through the different stages you need to know.

 soda filling machine

Basic Information about Soda Filling Machine

A soda filling machine is a device that packages soda drinks with carbon dioxide when subjected to some conditions. We have other gas-containing beverages apart from the soda-type carbonated beverage.

Other carbonated beverages are juice-type carbonated beverages, low-calorie carbonated beverages, fruit-flavored carbonated beverages, and other carbonated beverages.

Stages of Soda Filling Machine Working Process

In the production line, there are different stages that production must pass through before the final product. Some of them are water treatment, beverage mixer, syrup setting, carbon dioxide purification, etc.

1. The water treatment Stage

The water treatment stage is the stage the raw water is treated with quartz sand filters, sodium ion exchangers, active carbon filters, precision filters, and ultraviolet sterilizers. The essence of the treatment is to obtain pure water that is within the standard of the regulated agencies.

The ultraviolet sterilizer acts in both two directions. In the first aspect, a cooling machine moves into the beverage mixer when cooling is over. In the second aspect, the UV sterilizer is used directly to rinse bottles, syrup, and sugar.

2. Beverage Mixer Stage

It is the beverage is the central part of the carbonated beverage machine. The purified water from the water treatment stage is mixed in the correct quantity with the prepared syrup base liquid.

The result of the mixture is now mixed with carbon dioxide. It is the purified carbon that we have in the soda mix tank that makes it turn into soft drinks. We can fill either in recycled glass bottles or single-use PET bottles.

3. Filling of the Liquid in the bottle

The soda water that was mixed in the machine is emptied into bottles using a pressure filling machine. It ensures equal filling of liquid in the bottles. The cap of the bottle is pressed to finish the sealing process.

4. Labelling of Bottles

The next stage is to make an imprint of the production date on the bottles after the filling and the sealing process have been concluded.

Soda Filling Machine

Important Thing to Note

It is essential to note that there is an installation of inspection stations on the transportation line to remove bottles that are not suitable for the process. At the end of the inspection, the products are ready for storage and upward distribution to the necessary stakeholders.

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