Important Frequently Asked Questions About Bottle Blow Molding Machine


Most of the commercial and private manufacturers invest huge amounts of money into bottle blowing molding machine with great commitment that some people consider  deceiving.

That’s why most of the investors usually ask questions concerning the products they are purchasing to have a clearer picture of what they are spending on.

Moreover, the questions the investors are asking might really worth it because these tends to give them insight on what they’re buying and also give them opportunities to choose on basis of their working efficiency and requirements.

So, if you find yourself in situations like this,we have written a guide on the frequently asked questions and answers by the purchasing customer’s which are listed below.

bottle blow molding machine


  1. What’s the maximum bottle capacity that your blowing machine can produce?

Actually, the FG type are usually the best when your bowing bottles ranging from 200ml to 750ml, they are two types which are FG-4 and FG-6  which ranges from 200ml to 2000ml.


  1. Can your blowing machine blow any type of bottle neck?

The blowing machine can accurately blow neck if different sizes ranging from 3025 neck,2925 neck,1810 neck, 1881 neck and 35 neck.


  1. Can you recommend any auxiliary machine compatible for you blowing machine?

Air compressor of 6m3/min at 30bar, and two sets of chiller of 5HP are required by the FG-4, for the FG-6 , 2 sets of 5HP, 8m3/min at 30bar air compressors are required. Likewise for the FG-8 the air compressor use 30bar at 10m3/min and two sets of 5HP.

The blowing machine cannot be operated at a lower pressure air compressor because it’s a usually function speedily


  1. How can I avoid the neck becoming soft during the heating process?

It comprises of different capacities in which the FG-4  capacity is 6500BPH and the FG-6 capacity is 9000BPH,also the FG-8 capacity is 12000BPH.

The speed of the machine is determined by the volume and the weight of the bottles which is the 500ml and 17gram of the round water  bottle.


  1. How many bottles can be produced using the blowing machine per hour?

We manufacture blowing machine that’s is built with  a very compact  heating ovens in which the heating head of the ovens had been reduced to a suitable millimeter ,this allows us to save more energy.

Additionally, the blower machine doesn’t require low-pressure compressor which makes it more significant to save more energy.

bottle blow molding machine

  1. How does your cam connection system benefit you?

The cam connection is really useful because it controlled by a single servo motor connected to the system in which different activities such as mold opening ,mold sealing ,mold closing , and bottom bottle raising can be done at once Which makes it reduce the blowing circle.


  1. What is the maximum speed that your machine can achieve?

We primarily use three models. In a series, there are four cavities, six cavities, and eight cavities, with capacities ranging from 6000 to 12000 BPH.


  1.  How can I avoid the neck becoming soft during the heating process?

The bottleneck has been provided with fan cooling engines  which reduces any risk Of Soften during heating processes.


  1.  How long do you think you'll need to change the mold?

The mold part will be easy to replace because the mold area have been simplified, it will only take 17 minutes to change the mold area while it will take 20-30 minutes for untrained engineers.


In need of a premium bottle blow molding machine?

Having a bottle blow molding machine is important for packaging and manufacturing aesthetic bottle necks.

Do reach out to us to get your own machine for your bottling industry, and we will be glad to partner with you.

We offer the best products, kindly click here to see our latest deigns and offers

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