Significant Differences Between Automatic And Semi-Automatic Bottle Blow Moulding Machine


Blow molding is a procedure for making hollow plastic structures that is utilized in the industrial business.

It uses overheated, molten material that is pressed into the mold cavity at high pressure, just like many other casting methods.

Blow molding, on the other hand, is a unique sort of molding that takes advantage of the features of conventional glassblowing

Bottle molding commonly described as bottle blow molding in the, is a molding technique that involves blowing molten plastic into a mold hole to make the hollow structure of a bottle.  

The unprocessed plastics is melted initially, then molded into something like a preform. The plastic preform is then fastened to the mold's top.

Lastly, air is forced into the mold chamber, extending the preform all over the inside walls of the cavity.

There are two types of bottle blow molding machines: semiautomatic and automatic.

The automatic blow molding machine is mostly used for blowing plastics such as Polyethylene, Polyvinyl chloride, and some other similar materials.

While semi-automatic blow molding machines are the most common application of the two-step process.

PET, Polypropylene, and other polycrystalline plastics can be used to make soda bottles, mineral bottles of water, skincare containers, insecticide cans, and perhaps other packing vessels of any form.

Most enterprises that produce and distribute plastic containers or bottled water choose automatic or semi-automatic blow molding machinery for their production.

The big question is, what then is the distinction between the two? What are the

benefits of using bottle blow molding machines that are automatic.

bottle blow molding machines

Major Differences

  • The architectural design is unique.

The conventional immediate automatic control completes the automatic bottle blow molding machine.

Auto preforming, preformed transfer, automatic heating, fastening, pre-blowing, elongation, and blowing are the procedures done by machine.

However, the semi-automatic blow molding equipment necessitates human involvement mostly on blanks, transferring, and bottling, putting the operator at risk of injury.

  • Distinctive performance and output rate

Automatic molding machines are typically steady, the device works for a long period of time, and the production can always be increased gradually.

Whereas semi-automatic blow molding machines have restricted power for long operating condition, seem unable to catch pace with the production cycle, and the productivity is increasing.

  • Market value differs

The automatic machine is significantly more expensive when compared to the semi-automatic machine on the sale sector.

The semi-automatic bottle blow molding equipment costs just under 100,000 dollars, whereas the automatic bottle blow molding machine costs between 12 and 14 million dollars.

Potential benefits of using an automatic bottle blow molding machine includes:

  • A power saving effect is achieved in the machine by using a controlled thermal source for heating.  

To maintain a stable temperature in the blowing region, a thermal control system and a heat recovery mechanism is made available.

  • The entire machine is designed in a decentralized manner, and the modified parts are afterwards repaired and replaced, resulting in a speedier, more efficient, and cost-effective maintenance process.
  • Energy conservation, pollution prevention, and highly efficient, allowing for a 20% reduction in energy consumption.
  • The phenomena of no-card preform emerges through into billet mechanism, creating a rapid, accurate, and steady billet function.

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