The Practical Guide On The Working Principle Of Automatic Bag Filling


The global economy is becoming less trade restrictive as technologies and transportation logistics continue to evolve.

Products must be packaged before being delivered to the intended customers. Consequently, the demand for bag packaging equipment is also growing.

The quality of automation for automatic bag filling machines is remarkable. They are manufactured to fill, measure, and seal different types of pre-made open-mouth bags.

The machine can be used to pack different types of products solid, liquid and a mixture of both. It offers a broad spectrum of practical uses, especially for the pharmaceutical and food industry.

Accuracy, speed, stability, and safety are all features of the automatic bag filling system.

Additionally, its broad range of versatility is another key benefit. It can be incorporated into existing or completely new automated production lines along with other supplementary packaging machinery.

Working Principle of Automatic Bag Filling Machines

 Loading The Bags

The operator physically inserts the premade bags into the bagging chamber in this initial stage. The bags are then collected and transported to the equipment by a bag feed roller.

Some of the more advanced automated bag filling systems in use today are equipped with mechanical arms which insert and shingle the pre-made bags inside the machine, the arm serves as a substitute for manual input.

Gripping the Bag

The suction bag loader scoops up the empty bag when the proximity sensor has detected it and transfers it toward the grippers.

As the bag advances to the various spots, the grippers keep it in place. The grippers of a decent bag filling machine must be capable of supporting up to 10 kg.

Embossing and Printing

Either thermal or inkjet printer devices can be used with these devices. The bags/pouches are printed with dates by the printer.

You can add raised dates or batch numbers on the bag closure by utilizing the embossing feature

Detection and Opening of Bags

A suction strip will unzip the underside of the bag if it has a zipper. Its top side will be held by the opening jaws. Afterward, when the jaws move outwardly to open the bag's mouth the blower blows in air and inflates it.

There are several bags without zippers. In this instance, it is inflated as soon as the vacuum suction pads have started opening the bag's bottom. This indicates that the opening jaws are not closed.

bag filling machine

Filling the Bags

Products are deposited into the bag through a bag outlet on a multi-head scale. In the case of powdered items, an auger injector fills the bag with the product. When the commodity is fluid, a liquid filler with a nozzle fills it directly into the bag.

To remove oxygen from the bag, the machinery uses a modified atmospheric packing technology known as gas flushing. To eliminate oxygen completely before loading the product, it deploys a stream of nitrogen gas.

Product Stabilization And Sealing

In this instance, the pre-made bag is briskly shaken before being sealed to help ensure that any loosened particles fall to the bottom of the bag.

The machine inserts an additional seal at this point for optimum durability in the case of filling a liquid product. You can choose to install a secondary filling machine at this point as well.

This is extremely crucial if you are stuffing the bags both with solid and liquid goods

Two deflator parts within the machine compress any excess air from the bag from both sides. The upper portion of the bag is then sealed with a heated seal bar.

A robust seam is created by pressing and heating the sealing sections of the prepared bag together.

However, the seal needs to be reinforced and can be accomplished by passing a cooling bar over the seal, which makes it more cohesive and stronger.

The machine then ejects the filled bag onto a conveyor or into a container to move it to the subsequent manufacturing process.

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