The Working Principles And Advantages Of Using Can Filling Machine


Can filling machine is a powerful machine in the packaging industry that is used to package products in cans. It facilitates the proper preservation of products. Moreover, it enables you to customize the product in a way that meets the needs of the customers.

A quality can filling machine from a reputable manufacturer is durable, efficient, and easy to use. When sourcing from them, you are sure of the kind of machine you invest in. The design of the machine makes it work perfectly with high precision and accuracy.

How Can Filling Machine Works?

Like every other machine, there are stages it passes through before it gets to the finished product. The process is as follows:

1. Feeding Process

The first process is to feed the containers to the filler machine through the conveyor. The products that will be filled into the containers are filled into the cylinder or hopper.

Some machines come with more than one filling head. You can fill more than one container at the same time, depending on the number of filling heads the machine has. The products are dispensed through the volumetric or gravity filling.

2. The Filling Process

The gravity liquid fillers fill the container to a particular level. Viscous liquid fillers depend on a self-priming hopper which allows the piston to move.

3. The Movement of Shaft

The shaft returns immediately to receive the next set of containers for filling. The movement of the shaft shortens the production time. Some machines are designed to fill different volumes of liquid. The adjustment parameters are simple and easy to use.

With the help of the piston shaft, the multi-speed control has splash-proof and drip-proof functions. It makes it easy to grasp the finishing product when it is in high-speed operation.

can-filling machine

Advantages of Can Filling Machine

There are different advantages of using this machine in your company. Some of them are:

1. Durable

The machine is produced using durable material using stainless steel. The material is corrosive-free. You can use it for corrosive products that contain acid and sugar. With normal cleaning, the machine is ready for another production session.

2. High Precise and Accuracy

The machine is designed to facilitate precise judgment as well as the smart selection of filling fluid. There is high accuracy when filling the containers. There are sensors and pneumatic parts that provide precise controls. It also makes it adapt to different applications.

3. Customizable Machine

The machine can be customized to meet your needs. Moreover, you can use it for wide applications and different production capacities. It is not restricted to a particular liquid; you can use different liquids without any damage to the machine.

4. Easy Maintenance

The machine is easy to maintain. It requires a normal routine and periodic maintenance process. When there is a need for part replacement, the parts are affordable.

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