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Non-metallic carbon dioxide laser marking machine 'how can he de' be widely used?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
Non-metallic laser marking machine is one of the most widely used laser marking equipment in the traditional marking market. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is the main equipment in the market, because carbon dioxide, as the laser pump source, has its own characteristics suitable for marking non-metallic materials, therefore, carbon dioxide laser marking equipment has occupied the main market share in the past. What are the characteristics of carbon dioxide laser marking machine? How does it work? The laser below will slowly analyze it for you. Features of carbon dioxide laser marking machine: non-metallic laser marking machine takes carbon dioxide laser marking machine as the main product, carbon dioxide as the pump source of laser, and with marking external auxiliary machinery, it can freely translate, lift, lift and hand, grasping the rotating table, combined with high-speed scanning mirror, has accurate positioning, 360-degree marking, fast speed and high efficiency, especially combined with computer operating software, such as CDR, CAD, PS and other graphic information offices, management software, can realize free design graphic marking, with no pollution, no deformation, anti-wear and other characteristics, carbon dioxide laser marking machine is cheap, non-metal marking users are most used, one of the laser marking products. CO2 laser marking machine applicable materials: Suitable for all kinds of non-metallic materials, such as glass, cloth, leather, paper, PVC, ceramics, wood, rubber, acrylic, plastic and other surface laser engraving. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine Application Industry: widely used in shoe materials, clothing, packaging, toys, food, beverage, medicine, daily cosmetics and other industries.
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