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Non-metallic wood products two-dimensional code laser marking machine engraving effect show

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
Where is the wood product two-dimensional code carving equipment manufacturer? Two-dimensional code engraving and marking can be carried out on wood products. Laser marking machine can be used to engrave exquisite two-dimensional code patterns on it, and WeChat scanning can be supported to display a paragraph of what you want to say or a promotional link of the website. Laser marking machine for engraving two-dimensional codes on wood products, you can choose Shenzhen laser Equipment Co. , Ltd. Laser equipment has 15 years of experience in processing, equipment production, equipment research and development and manufacturing. The equipment sold can perfectly meet your needs according to the customer's needs, and the equipment has great price advantage and good performance. As QR codes are widely used in our lives, some merchants have also added QR codes to wooden crafts. The QR code can encode digitized information such as pictures, sounds, words, signatures, fingerprints, etc. , and use the QR code to express it; Can represent multiple languages; Can represent image data. In this way, when we receive a wood product, scan the two-dimensional code on it, and there will be a blessing or picture. We will be particularly surprised and shocked. Wood products merchants now add some creative QR codes, which highlights the purchase point and creativity of the products. Shenzhen laser Equipment Co. , Ltd. can provide professional laser marking machines for wood products merchants. Non-metallic laser marking machine generally uses carbon dioxide laser, which is a universal model. After focusing, the optical system can freely rise and fall and translate. High-performance CO2 laser, high-speed scanning mirror, fast speed and high precision. The software adopts Windows interface and is compatible with Files output by Coreldraw, Autocad, Photoshop and other software. It has the function of graphic anti-typing. Laser Marking non-toxic, five no deformation, no pollution, wear resistance. Optional rotary table, suitable for circumferential products. The suppliers all have the technology of relevant industries, and the accessories of * guarantee the extremely high marking precision and speed, stable performance, moderate price, free control of engraving depth and long-term work. It adopts an integrated design structure and a brand-new optical path sealing method, which is generally stable and reliable. Suitable for all kinds of non-metallic materials, such as leather, cloth, paper, PVC, rubber, wood, ceramics, glass, plastic and other surface laser engraving, laser cutting. The non-metallic laser marking machine can engrave some words, patterns, symbols, LOGO trademarks, two-dimensional codes and production dates on the merchant's products, laser engraving has the effect that the engraved LOGO trademark text pattern will never fade and will never fall off; When carving, it can be produced without ink and only with electricity; Moreover, the carving speed is fast and the operation is simple. Carving a two-dimensional code only requires 1-It can be completed in 5 seconds.
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