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Oily wastewater treatment equipment process insider not gaiden!

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-07
Oily wastewater treatment equipment process insider not gaiden! Oily sewage water treatment equipment industry is a very difficult project, oily wastewater treatment equipment procurement must first analyze the sources of oily wastewater, analyzed the harm of oily wastewater, the next step is sorting out the oily sewage treatment equipment operation principle, can develop a scientific and reasonable sewage treatment scheme. For oily sewage water treatment process, the technological process first oil-water separation of oily sewage first, and then further by using the method of coagulation or buoyancy oil-water separation, at this point we should quantitative dosing PAC and PAM, guarantee of flocculant and coagulation reaction fully, this process can avoid oil block processing equipment, at the same time, the oil removal performance of each device can play to the extreme. Whenever the oily sewage into the efficient combination air flotation, a large number of SS and oil have been removed, we should be carried out on the water quality measurement at this moment, if the water quality or not in conformity with the standard, so we should use activated carbon filtering tank or quartz sand filtering tank on the filter, ensure the compliance with quality standard rear can discharge. Sewage treatment equipment for the first time the main purpose of the oil-water separation is to reduce oily water emulsification degree, if it is a high freezing point and the oily sewage of big size, so the processing should have insulation and heating equipment, if the water-oil proportion difference is smaller oily sewage, filter device should be adopted. When choosing materials processing equipment, temperature this parameter should be considered first. This combination in efficient air-flotation scum emissions to the sludge pit, by the pneumatic diaphragm pump hit box pressure filter pressure filtration dehydration, finally the outward processing. If you want to know more can telephone for enquiry: 13929491928
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