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Open after how long will metamorphic mineral water?

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-11
Bottled mineral water production time are marked on the packaging and shelf life, shelf life is 1 year of ordinary bottled mineral water, barrel is usually 3 months. Everybody drink bottled mineral water, very convenient, open the lid can drink, but sometimes we can't breath all drink a bottle of mineral water, so they will put the lid on and thirsty to drink, sometimes will be finished within a day, sometimes every other day or night to drink, so the mineral water in unsafe at this time? Is not bad? A lot of people should not know. Today will tell you after we open bottles of mineral water how long goes bad is not fit to drink. Open after how long will metamorphic mineral water? Suggestion: open the bottled mineral water, 12 hours after drinking as soon as possible. Why is that? Because the longer the kaifeng bacterial replication in the bottled water will be, the more you think about our general is in what circumstances will drink bottled water? Are generally hot summer? Summer heat temperature suitable bacteria breeding, when we open the cap after water has already been invaded the bacteria. After a period of time bacteria breeding in appropriate temperature environment will be more and more quickly. Someone has done the experiment, in the average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, an average of 80% humidity room, check after 24 hours of bacteria in the opening of bottled water, from 600 to 1100, with the increase of time bacteria multiply faster and faster. So we suggest that we open the bottled mineral water as far as possible within 12 hours after drinking.
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