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Opened in 2020, zhuhai delta island rainwater collection system

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-05
Zhuhai delta island is an unmanned island, with a total investment of 2. 2 billion, is the national first batch to market-oriented way of assignment of the right to the use of the islands with no residents demonstration project. The reporter learns from the scene, the project is beach repair and wharf construction, fastest been open since 2020. The zhuhai won 4. 4. 6 billion yuan loan project is part of the zhuhai jiuzhou holding group in the bank and strategic cooperation, will be used in triangle island wharf construction, sand fixing, etc. At present, the islands of the construction of the preliminary plan has been completed, housing construction, ecological multiple current, lake management, road network based on the investigation, waiting for the zhuhai island waters protection regulations according to application and approval again. Triangular island will be build million mountain islands special tourism brand and leisure resort, or will be a national model of the development of the islands with no residents. Nine Su Qinglong accused of blue ocean tourism development co. , LTD. Chief, said triangular island protection will become the supply side of tourism development reform a major bright spot, to fill the domestic development of island tourism will be to weak, to explore new Marine economic development mode. He revealed, in terms of construction of ecological civilization, triangular island will build the whole island of rainwater collection system, sea water desalination system, sewage circulation system, and use the offshore wind, implement zero emissions. It is known that the triangle island is guangdong province first take & other; Public welfare + travel & throughout; Project development patterns, was also the first to market-oriented way of assignment of the right to the use of the islands with no residents demonstration project. Located in the northwest of the wanshan islands, the island belongs to zhuhai wanshan ocean development experimental zone, as the islands with no residents, to develop the natural form of surface area will increase to 64. 4 m hectares. Triangular island construction of the whole island development will take 5 years to formal development begins from 2017, a phase of the project is the fastest will open in succession in the second half of 2020, and are expected to be fully opened in 2022. Its positioning for sports, science and education, comprehensive leisure island, according to the standards of 5 a grade scenic spot construction, is expected to year one million tourists. At present there are five major areas: preliminary planning entry portal area, recreational experience area, the high-end leisure resort area looks remarkably, Marine science and education experience area and infrastructure.
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