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Optical fiber laser marking machine rotating laser marking video drill

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-17
With the continuous development of the domestic laser industry, the application advantages of laser have become increasingly prominent and have been widely used in many fields, providing a more convenient and efficient processing method for the current processing and production. At present, the laser rotary marking is to carve and process the circular arc workpiece, and rotate and process it in a synchronous tracking way. Under the control of the computer, one axis of the motor in the vibrating mirror rotates, the other shaft is kept still, and the marking processing of the circular arc workpiece is completed with the rotation of the rotating motor. Today's laser rotary marking is widely used for laser marking of continuous patterns on the circular arc surface of cylinder workpiece or the plane of disc workpiece, which is light in weight and not very large in diameter. With the continuous improvement of the performance of the laser marking machine, the pattern of the processed arc can be continuously permanently marked around the surface of the processed arc for more than one week. The pattern marked by the dynamic rotating Mark mode has the characteristics of smooth graphic connection, no breakpoint, exquisite pattern, and the level of speed is equivalent to that of plane mark, which has been applied in many fields of current processing and production, for example, machinery, clocks, toys, stationery, electronics industry, automobile manufacturing industry and so on are widely used. The rotating Workbench can be controlled by servo motor or walking motor. Compared with the previous equipment, the optical fiber rotary laser marking machine has high electro-optic conversion rate, reduced energy consumption and reduced operating cost. Strong adaptability to harsh environment, strong tolerance to temperature, dust, humidity, vibration and impact. Although the price of the optical fiber rotary laser marking machine is more expensive than the traditional laser equipment, the optical fiber rotary laser marking machine has high stability, low maintenance cost, can process multi-dimensional arbitrary space, and is simple to operate, with high-quality laser beams, these are not comparable to traditional laser equipment.
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