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Optimizing the industry through the benefits of coding machine

Optimizing the industry through the benefits of coding machine


Everything in electronic equipment depends on codes, large or small. The underlying codes of a product uniquely identify the interface, the structure, the functionality and operations of that product. This means codes guide and protects the foundation for a brand’s success in the market. Today, all products and services are coded to some extent. If you walk into a shop or a bar you see lines of products waiting to be checked out. They all have one thing in common; barcodes. This is a necessary implementation for all products to retain originality and brand value.

 JD WATER-Optimizing The Industry Through The Benefits Of Coding Machine

The history of code duplication

Unfortunately, for every ten originally manufactured products, there is one that is counterfeit. Fraud is an ever increasing issue in the electronics industry today. This kind of fraud is commonly caused by the duplication of product codes. When a code is duplicated or tampered with by the coding machine, it can result in all kinds of complications to customers, retailers, and manufacturers. In fact, the entire supply and demand chain is then affected. This is because there is a mixture of originals and fakes purporting to be under the same brand. There is no way of knowing which is genuine. Most fake good result in errors in the manufacture, and this affects the brand value of the original manufacturer. Thus, new measures were called for to ensure the production of hack-proof codes that couldn’t be duplicated by third parties.


The solution of code duplication

The need to create a perfect coding system as specified by the above issues led to prophylactic measures being implemented in the electronics industry. One example was the automated coding machine which incorporates appropriate hardware and software, and intelligent code creating algorithms. Together, they form a system that intelligently produces non-duplicable codes. Automated coding uses a range of techniques to ensure authenticity in product codes. Here are the main techniques involved.

-Micro character printing

One technique to stay the progress of faulty unoriginal products is via the use of micro character printing techniques. Micro character printing occurs with the assistance of a high powered inkjet printer. Capable of printing random codes printed to necessary size, these printers are great for automated code creation. Taken a step further, these printers can also be used to alter the coding in existing products. With recourse to algorithms with parameters only known to the manufacturer, they can be used to alter one or more digits in original product codes. Since these parameters are only known to the product manufacturer, it is impossible for third parties to access them.

Most systems require several codes of varying shapes and sizes. This is due to the multiple functionalities of each complex electronic system that makes it into the market. Each segment of a product comprises several smaller segments. E.g. a computer comprised of hundreds of microchips. To cater to the entire product, one would need hundreds of codes, one for the computer, and the rest for the smaller microchips.

Micro character printing techniques would allow for consistent and routine code production over a long time period. Codes could be printed in an automated coding machine in both large and small font as per the manufacturer’s wishes. This is, therefore, a great technique for ensuring authenticity as well as consistency.

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-Intersecting code

This technique provides double authenticity. It involves two unique codes overlapping, to create a complex arrangement of pixels that are unique, in between characters. This creates a form of third code. It can only be traced by people in the know, like its manufacturers.

The advantage of the coding machine is providing double codes that only the manufacturer has access to. Blending letters and numbers in one code would ensure only the manufacturer has access to the origins of a code. For example, if one code consists of the characters B’ and the second consists of the numbers 0’ then the dual encrypted code would read 1B0’ with AB and 10 overlapping. 1B0’ would, in fact, be the product code. Now it is important to note that only the manufacturer has access to both original codes, B’ and 0’. Therefore even if one code were leaked to a third party, he would need both codes to create a copycat overlapping code. This doubles the chances of authenticity.


-Verifiable code

This is an innovate procedure developed to ensure codes and their source algorithms keep changing to avoid detection by third parties. One key to providing the perfect product code is to blend letters and numbers in complex algorithms. This would ensure only the manufacturer has knowledge about the techniques of encryption that went into its design. In this way, a consistent chain of originality is maintained.

Verifiable coding systems incorporate algorithms with specific parameters that are routinely changed. Using the coding machine features only availability to the creators of the product. Thus, they can only be identified by their creators.


-Concealed coding

This technique involves coding via ultraviolet and infrared rays. Since these are electromagnetically charged particles, they are invisible to the naked eye, and can only be tracked via software.

These codes are produced via high tech software to result in uniqueness at the quantum level. They incorporate specific wavelength density to ensure maximum distinctiveness.


-Self-test code

This technique comprises a manual inspection of a product code via parties who have access to the parameters involved. These parameters are only known to the product manufacturer and are therefore nearly impossible to duplicate by using this coding machine.

That is the importance of coming up with an innovative coding system that would encompass all of the following: Every brand is unique. In today’s competitive business world, brand value depends on uniqueness just as much as anything else. If it were found that a copycat product was entering the market it could cause great losses for the original brand. To prevent counterfeits, it is important to provide trouble free uncrack able coding systems. Automated coding machines go a long way towards solving this problem.

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