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Water Treatment / Seawater Desalinator Machine
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Seawater Desalinator Machine
JND WATER & JND TECH middle to large scale seawater desalinator are suitable to be used in sea islands, troop stations and sea shore cities short of water.  This sea water desalination equipment can effectively remove harmful elements such as inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, organic bacteria, pathogens, etc. in sea water to produce high quality waters complying with the National Drinking Water Quality Standard.
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We usually use three modes of transportation: sea transportation, air transportation and land transportation. We will discuss with the guests about the specific transportation mode. We provide some services for our guests; 1. After the customer confirms that the product is qualified and the delivery date, we will pack the equipment. At the same time, we can provide customers with packaging related data, and we can also provide customers with booking service. 2. When loading, we will take photos to the guests. 3. JNDWATER will buy insurance for the goods of the guests. 4. Provide the customs clearance information of the goods to the guests. 5. During the transportation of goods, we keep close contact with our guests. 6. If there are guests who are not clear about customs clearance, we can cooperate.
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Seawater Desalinator Machine

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Key Features
  • Factory price
  • Stable performance
  • advanced technology
  • perfect function
  • Easy operation
  • High intelligence
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Product Details
Product decription: 1. In JND WATER & JND TECH seawater desalinator, the pre-treatment system consists of a full-automatic multi-channel valve to perform automatic and large volume flush and back-flush processing. 2. Anti-corrosion materials are adopted to make the shell and pipes, which enable the whole system durable and long lasting. 3. RO (Reverse Osmosis) system is equipped with most advanced RO system elements; and its adoption of energy recovery technology helps reducing energy cost. 4. Advanced monitoring system is adopted to assure a stable machine operating, qualified water (if produced water exceeds preset salinity value, the rain valve will open automatically to drain the water into drainage) and accurate performance information. 5. Control instruments such as flow meters, pressure gauges, pressure relief device, and drain pipes are all equipped, which gives a reliable and safe piping system to the water treatment equipment. For this new year, we hope we can have more clients from all over the world. If we can become good partners for each other, please feel free to contact us and we will try to respond to you as soon as we can, no matter how small your question is. We can provide customized services, and if you are interested in us, send us inquiries right away, and we will provide good services and attractive prices to you as much as we can. Looking forward to hearing from you, thank you very much!
BrandJ & D water
Country of originShenzhen, China
Production Capacity (m3/h)0.05-21
Operation pressure(Mpa)4-6.5
Energy consumption(KW.h/m3)3.5-15
Size580×440×1600—7500×2500×1800( mm)
Pricesplease contact us
OEM/ODM serviceavailable
Serviesbefore and after sales
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Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd.
ShenZhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. was established more than ten years ago and has been aiming at the world's most advanced filling and packaging machinery technology. a new generation of packaging equipment has been developed .ShenZhen J&D Group Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing water-treatment equipment, filling equipment and related equipment in upstream and downstream industry.The machinery and equipment manufactured by J&D Group are sold well at home and abroad, earning more than 50 million US dollars for the country every year. Since the establishment of our company, it has successfully provided high-quality equipment and perfect services for many factories home and abroad. Its products are sold to more than 120 countries and regions, such as the United States, Canada, Britain, Italy, Russia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Congo, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, etc.
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JND Water
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Shenzhen, China
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