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From shrinkable film wrap packing to goods stacking, Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. has equipped a whole set of packing machine in the factory.

We adopt advanced technologies such as human-machine interactive system, touch-screen and PLC programmable logic controller, which makes the operation more intelligent and convenient. Thanks to the PLC control system, the machine is guaranteed to be of stable performance and precise control. The machine is operated simply in the process of material conveying, shrink film wrapping and shaping. Each part of the machine has been thoroughly inspected to ensure the smooth operation and the machine to enjoy a long service life. What’s more, the shrink film transmitting system is equipped with a sensor switch which is used to control the film length and can help reduce the wastage. Our staff are innovative and creative. They install the reinforced cooling and shaping channel on the machine to give quicker shaping and stacking speed. Operators can also adjust the speed of the machine accordingly.

J&D’s packing machine can pack a wide range of products like plastic bottle and glass bottles. The machine is widely used in the beverage, beer, chemistry, food, and medicine industries.

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