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plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER

plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER

Plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER

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  • Based on the principle of 'service is always considerate', J&D Drinking Water Equipment creates an efficient, timely and mutually beneficial service environment for customers.
Product Details
J&D Drinking Water Equipment's bottle filling machine is exquisite in details.Good materials, advanced production technology, and fine manufacturing techniques are used in the production of bottle filling machine. It is of fine workmanship and good quality and is well sold in the domestic market.
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Company Advantages
1. The purifying technology of J&D WATER plastic bag sealing machine has been optimized. It is carried out by our engineers who try to achieve the great purifying effect while shortening the time.
2. The quality of this product is carefully checked by the quality testing department.
3. The quality monitoring system has been set up to control the quality of this product.
4. People have no worry that it generates radiation that is harmful to health. Using this product will not have an adverse influence.
5. The product is easy for people to install. It comes with a complete detailed operation guide including user instructions, maintenance, and installation procedures.

◇◆ Application

The JNDWATER equipment is applicable to the aseptic filling of concentrate fruit juice, milk, cocunut milk,tomato paste, onion paste, chili paste, strawberry paste, blackberry paste, carrot paste, peach paste, apricot paste, concentration juice.


1.The machine is composed of control system, filling head, bag nozzle fixed pincers, lid opening pincers, lid close pincers, inspection window and lifting platform.

2.The aseptic filling machine is used for the filling of liquid and semi-ropy concentration products. The filling head can be one or two according to the required capacity.

3.The filling chamber can keep the aseptic temperature95 to guarantee the aseptic environment during the filling process. 

4.The filling volume of the bag is controlled by imported flow meter or electric weighing sensor. It is separate from this offer. Connection with sterilizer. 

5.Put the bag into the two clamps by hand. Sterilize the cap by steam, open the cap, fill and seal in the aseptic filling chamber and the whole operation is automatic and controlled by computer.

6. PLC automatic control, touch screen to do parameter setting,

7.Sterilizer the cap&spout of the bag and the filling chamber by means of steam spryaing.

8.Filling head, automatic electric weighing sensor system; control system of sterilizing, cleaning; separate automatic control system which connects with the CIP device; self-diagnosis system; The control panels is OP and PLC which can realize the material conveying, signal conversion. The control component is SIEMENS. The power supply is 380V, 50HZ,

9.When it reaches the setting volume, filling machine can seal the lid automatically.

◇◆Product  Details

Filling Part

plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER-1            

Filling Part

plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER-2             

◇◆ Technical Parameters

Product to be treated:

fruit concentrated juice/jam/paste



Applicable bag size:

1.5kg~250kg aseptic bags

Applicable bag spout size:

1 inch

Steam consumption:

200 Kg/h

Compressed air consumption:

0.3kg/h 6bar





◇◆ Product advantages

Electronic component come from famous manufacturers all over the world ,such as Omron,Siemens and so on.

Product by CE standard.

Stainless steel 304

plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER-3

plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER-4

◇◆ Product  certificate

All the machines are produced by CE standard and we also have CE certificate for all the equipment.

plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER-5               

◇◆ Our Service

plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER-6

plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER-7                

Quality Assurance

plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER-8                


plastic bag sealing machine jndwater for package J&D WATER-9                

In-kind shooting

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After the machines arrives at the customer's factory, our company can arrange engineers to customer's factory to install and debug the equipment,  make the machines run to the best working condition;the engineers also  can train customer's staff about how to operation and maintenance of the equipment, customers also can arrange their engineers to study in our  factory for free . During the warranty period,we provide the easy damage parts for free.

Company Features
1. As a leader in the bagging machine industry, J&D WATER has been developing its own production capacity.
2. Fully promoting the quality management of J&D WATER guarantees the great quality of bag filling machine.
3. J&D WATER will persistently provide superior bagging machine . Ask online! Shenzhen J&D Drinking Water Equipment Co., Ltd. works with partners around the globe to attain common objectives. Our company always encourage employees to think outside the box to boost morale, because the company believes creativity drives business success. We often gather employees together to communicate and share their creativities or ideas on improving the products or customer service. Ask online!
Packaging & Shipping


Notification item:

1. The machine is PE film winding to protect machine off corrosived and rust;
2. The machine is well wire tighted to protect machine off damage in shipping container;
3. Export standard plywood case, composite material, fumigation-free;
4. With easy lifting corn by the forklift.

Product Description

This style of machine can complete the measuring, filling etc. Because the original design, it more suitable for packing the easy flow or poor liquidity of powder and granular materials, such as veterinary medicine, powder granular additives, sugar, cotton, sugar glucose, monosodium glutamate, solid beverage, solid medicine, carbon powder, talcum powder, pesticide, dye, flavor and fragrances etc.


Working video is as following :



The main parts 

♥Automatic filling system        

♥Automatic weighing filling balance

♥Automatic belt conveyor          

♥Automatic sewing / sealing machine   

♥Electric control cabinet 

Features of big bag powder packing machine 

♥ Adopting high precesion sensor and intelligent meters;

♥  Error automatically amended, trouble self-inspected, packaging speed display;

♥ Adopting famouse brand process switch and air equipment, Performance Stable,and easy to maintainence;

♥Stainless Steel material-containers and flow outlet parts;

♥Optional machines: sealing machine, coding machine, sewing machine, belt machine.

Working process 

•Process:Manual Bag placing→Automatic filling→Automatic weighing →Automatic bag conveying→Automatic bag sewing

Techinicial parameter 


filling machinepackin rangepacking speedaccuracyair pressure
10-50kg4-6 bags/min±3‰0.4-0.5MPa
conveyorlengthwidthconveyoring speedmax transfering capacity
2m41cm5-20 m/minute (adjustable)15 bags/minute
 sewing machinespeedstitch lengthsewing thicknesssewing sewing material
1700 spm


8 mm

Polyester thread: 21S/5, 20S/3

Cotton thread: 30S



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