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Plastic laser welding machine picture Daquan case appreciation

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-26
Plastic laser welding machine requires that one side of the welding material has laser permeability and the other side has absorption, which is called transparent plastic laser welding. For materials with insufficient absorption, adding absorbent (Carbon Black)The way. Only carbon black can also absorb visible light, which is easy to cause the weld color to become darker and different from the base metal color. The laser passes through the permeable plastic to reach the surface of the absorbent plastic, and the absorbent plastic softens and melts under heating. At the same time, due to the heat conduction and permeability, the plastic side also softens and melts. After the nugget size meets the requirements, remove the laser heat source and realize welding under the action of pressure. Plastic laser welding machine welding process without adding any light absorbing additives, is a clean connection, professional for transparent plastic products for perfect welding. The system adopts the concept of modular design, integrating laser, moving welding parts of external optical path and fixture parts with special functions, with compact structure, convenient operation, safety and stability. The system adopts multi-axis linkage mode and special transmission welding technology, which perfectly solves the clean welding requirements of transparent plastic products. Plastic laser welding machine picture Daquan case appreciation
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