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Points to note when operating a handheld aluminum

by:J&D WATER     2019-12-28
The hand-held aluminum foil sealing machine is a non-contact sealing machine that generates high heat instantly through electromagnetic induction, that is, the aluminum foil is fused on the bottle mouth. This process is suitable for the storage of most articles that are protected from contamination, effectively protecting the product and preventing it from turning over. Spreading, squeezing and spilling accidents. This product is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, petroleum, pesticide, cosmetics, hotel and tourism industries, such as aluminum foil sealing of containers. The material of the container is non-metallic materials such as plastic bottles, glass bottles, such as PE, PET, PP, PVC, ABS, etc. ????The equipment is small and lightweight, simple operation, short bonding time, fast speed, tightness, and stable performance. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, petroleum, pesticide, cosmetics, hotel travel products, light industry and other industries to seal containers with aluminum foil. ????So what are the precautions when operating this equipment? The following editors will combine the experience of using this device for many years to share the operating precautions of the device, let's take a look below! ????There are sixteen points to note when operating: 1. This machine is not suitable for metal containers, metal bottle caps and anodized aluminum spray paint caps. It is forbidden to press the heating button on a metal table, otherwise it will damage the machine. If you encounter metal bottle caps and anodized aluminum spray paint caps, you can apply aluminum foil first. Close the cap and screw on the cap. 2. During the use of the machine, the operator should always pay attention to the temperature rise of the sensor head. If the hand feels too hot and hot (about 80 ° C), it should stop working and wait for the sensor head to cool naturally or use a fan to point the sensor head to force rapid cooling. , When the temperature of the sensor head is reduced to room temperature (about 25 ° C), start working, so as not to damage the temperature of the sensor head. 3. The machine is equipped with an automatic protection function for temperature overheating. When the temperature inside the machine is overheating, the green 'overheating indicator' is on. At this time, it should continue to work when it is cooled down or the green light is off. 4. The color of the white rubber board in front of the sensor head should be checked frequently. If severe burnt discoloration is found, please unscrew the rib cover of the sensor head to check whether the induction coil is charred or peeled off. Replace the induction head or induction coil to avoid damage to the host due to continued use. 5. When the area of ??the induction aluminum foil is too large, after pressing the induction switch, the time display will reach zero immediately or there is no induction or the red 'overcurrent indicator' flashes with a 'drop' alarm sound. At this time, it should be appropriately increased. Only after the distance between the sealing object and the sensor head can normal work be performed. You can choose to use rubber sheet and other materials as the backboard. Never use metal materials instead. 6. This machine uses a single-phase three-wire power cord. To ensure the safety of the operator, a single-phase three-wire power socket must be used. The ground in the workplace must be dry to maintain insulation. 7. The input power voltage is normal. If the input power voltage is lower than 160V, it should stop working, and then work after the voltage is normal. 8. The material of the selected aluminum foil film must be consistent with the material of the sealed container. 9. Before turning on the power, you must first insert the sensor head into the induction aviation socket and lock the nut. Each machine is equipped with a random sensor head. The machine and sensor head cannot be exchanged at will. 10. This machine is equipped with a fuse, which cannot be replaced by a fuse larger than that. 11. The machine should maintain a good ventilation environment during use, and should not block the ventilation openings of the chassis. 12. There is high voltage in this machine, and the circuit board is live. It is strictly forbidden to open the machine for maintenance to avoid electric shock. 13. If you find any exposed wires before use, stop using the machine, and use it after maintenance. 14. This equipment must not be impacted, stressed or wet during transportation, storage and use. 15. When the product is unpacked for inspection and acceptance, under normal transportation and intact packaging, if it is found that the parts and components of the product do not match the packing list, you should promptly report to our factory. 16. The operation should be well understood in advance. If any quality problem is found in the product, explain it to the factory within the specified period. This equipment is guaranteed for one year and responsible for life-long maintenance.
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