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【Popularization of Applied Science]Cool! See how laser can help shower to play with new technology?

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-24
The shower, also known as the shower head, was originally a device for watering flowers, potted plants and other plants. Later, someone modified it to be used as a shower, making it a common device in the bathroom. At present, the stainless steel shower is already a common device in the bathroom, and now the living standard has improved people's quality of life requirements are also getting higher and higher, from the selection of bathroom products can be seen. The general bathroom manufacturers adopt the traditional welding process, but the traditional welding method is not beautiful and is easy to deform the surrounding of the product. Therefore, high-end shower products are now gradually using laser welding process welding. The shower laser welding machine uses high-energy laser pulses to partially heat the material in a fine area. The energy radiated by the laser is scattered to the inside of the material through heat conduction, and the material is melted to form a specific molten pool. The shower laser welding machine has the advantages of high output power, high beam quality, long life expectancy, flexible transmission, no consumables, low failure rate, etc. The welding system can meet almost all welding needs, and at the same time, multi-beam multi-position processing can obviously improve the welding speed. Metal fiber laser welding machine thermal effect is small, after welding will not change the metallographic phase of the product, no blackening, discoloration, deformation and other phenomena; The laser welding quality is good, the sealing is strong, and the weld seam is silvery white after welding, which only needs to be polished simply. Laser welding efficiency is high, easy to realize automation, and the welding efficiency can reach 2-5 times.
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