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Portable Laser marking machine _ low power consumption | long service life _ more convenient movement

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-24
The meaning of the portable laser marking machine is that it is small in size, easy to carry, and has a wider working range. It is not limited to a fixed working position, and can be carried with the car, and it is easier to operate and more practical. It brings good news to some large products that are not convenient to move. What are the benefits of marking with portable laser marking equipment: 1. Low cost, multi-purpose features of one machine, small size portable laser marking machine can realize multi-purpose, marking has the advantages of high definition, stable performance, long service life, clear handwriting, low power consumption, no consumables, etc. 2, lightweight and practical, and standard desktop has a certain difference, portable laser marking machine to use more flexible, hand-held mode of operation, making the operating device lightweight and practical, can ensure that the font regardless of moving speed, can make the font spray printing uniform, beautiful. 3, simple operation process, can be hand-held operation, mobile flexible and convenient. With the development of technology, a stable speed synchronizer has been added to the current portable laser marking equipment, which can well ensure the marking speed of the marking machine, with uniform effect, no sliding and good marking quality. The application of fiber laser in portable laser marking machine has become a hot topic in laser physics research. It is unanimously considered as a new generation of products to replace solid-state lasers. Portable Laser Marking Equipment uses laser beams to mark the surfaces of various substances for a long time. Portable Laser marking equipment can spray print clear information such as trademarks, characters, patterns, numbers, bar codes and so on on various products, which is simple to operate and different from the marking machine introduced earlier, portable Laser Marking Equipment is suitable for enterprises with low production speed requirements.
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