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Power Battery laser welding machine came to solve your problems

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-23
The welding of the battery shell generally has the methods of top welding and side welding. No matter which method has its own advantages and disadvantages. At the same time, because the shell material of the power battery is relatively special, the welding process is prone to porosity, problems such as fraudulent fire and bulge, especially at the corners are more likely to occur. The shell materials of power batteries mainly include aluminum alloy and stainless steel, of which aluminum alloy is the most. Stainless steel materials have good laser welding performance, and good weld appearance can be obtained no matter pulse or continuous laser is used; The welding difficulty of aluminum alloy is relatively large, and it may face problems such as weld surface bulge, internal air hole and explosion in production. The problems of the surface bulges and the internal air holes of the welding seam of aluminum alloy may be caused by reasons such as too small core diameter of optical fiber, too high setting of laser energy or too fast welding speed; There are many factors that cause the weld to explode, such as the cleanliness of the material, the purity of the material itself, and the characteristics of the material itself. In actual production, welding technicians will select appropriate laser welding equipment and welding process parameters according to the material, shape, thickness and tension requirements of the battery, including welding speed, waveform, peak value, welding head inclination angle, etc. to set reasonable welding process parameters to ensure the final welding effect and meet the requirements of power battery manufacturers. The main welding parts of the power battery laser welding machine include the laser welding of the battery shell, the laser welding of the explosion-proof valve, the laser welding of the battery cell lug and the connecting piece, and the welding of the square battery sealing nail, by the way, several advantages and disadvantages of power battery laser welding machine and welding technical difficulties will be mentioned below. Advantages and characteristics of power battery laser welding machine: technical difficulties of power battery welding: the thickness of aluminum shell of general power battery is required to reach 1. Below 0mm, mainstream manufacturers currently use 0. 6mm and 0. 8mm two mainly. The welding method is mainly divided into side welding and top welding. The main advantage of side welding is that it has less influence on the inside of the battery core, and the spatter will not easily enter the inside of the shell cover. Because it may cause bulges after welding, it will have a slight influence on the assembly of the subsequent process, therefore, the side welding process has higher requirements on the stability of the laser, the cleanliness of the material and the fit gap between the top cover and the power battery aluminum shell. However, the top welding process can adopt a more efficient vibrating mirror scanning welding method because it is welded on one surface, but it has high requirements on the shell entry and positioning of the previous process and high requirements on the automation of the equipment.
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