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Precautions for use of fiber laser marking machine

by:J&D WATER     2020-02-22
The fiber laser marking machine has a wide range of applications and is suitable for laser marking of all metals. For example, all metals such as gold, silver, copper and iron can be used, and some non-metals can also use laser marking machines, such as: Engineering hard plastic, PC, ABS and other materials. Since the price of the fiber laser marking machine is relatively expensive, the user should do daily maintenance during operation and use, and properly handle the relevant precautions. Then in the process of laser marking machine operation, the use of fiber laser marking machine to pay attention to the following :(1) When the light pen of the laser marking machine is in operation, it must not touch the beam; (2) Laser is the core of a laser marking machine, must be careful to move, to avoid broken due to improper movement; (3) In the operation, once the fault is found, it should be stopped immediately to avoid casualties; (4) Do not start the laser marking machine when the water circulation is improper; (5) When preparing to turn off the marking machine, the current must be set at about 5A; (6) In the work, the working area should be higher than the operating area; (7) Keep the surface of the fiber laser marking machine clean and tidy; (8) Keep the circulating water inside the laser marking machine clean, clean the water tank regularly and exchange it for clean deionized water.
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