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precision engineered hot runner molds for thin walled pet ...

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-08
There used to be a period of time, a precision engineering moreCavity hot runner molds can only be obtained from Germany or Switzerland at a high price.Things have changed recently.Chinese manufacturers of hot runner molds offer competitive prices and quality, but the cost of transportation is high due to their large weight.For injection molds in India, the rise of hot runner mold design and manufacturing experts has solved this problem.
Precision is always critical in the mold, because its design is complex and involves multiple cavities, and the heaters, Gates and other parts need to be accurately calculated.The selection of materials is as important as the quality of the design, especially in the mold aspect of the thin-walled PET pre-mold, which is widely used in today\'s packaging.In the case that the wall thickness may be less than 1mm, plastic injection molding of thin-walled parts is a very complicated thing.
If there are no defects in each part, it needs to use higher pressure, faster speed and rapid cooling, as well as changing the hot top gate arrangement and part top-out.For this thin-walled PET pre-made rod manufacturer, profits can only be made if they enter a hot runner mold with multiple cavities, with up to 72 cavities in the mold.With the increase in quantity, the complexity of manufacturing is also increasing in addition to considering dimensional tolerances to ensure accurate and even heating, conveying and cooling of melted materials.
In order for the manufacturer to be profitable, the mold must also be mass-produced on high-speed machines.For parts with a wall thickness of less than 1mm, forming at a pressure of 30000 psi and a speed of 0 is normal.5 seconds.If the mold design is lower than the best design, the number of scrap products will increase.
This is the local square of the mold manufacturer to play a key role in designing custom molds to adapt to specific thin-walled products and customization to adapt to the clamping force of 5 to 7 tons/hydraulic or mixed injection molding also take into account variables such as transfer pressure and injection speed control, as well as appropriate heating to ensure that the molten plastic is injected into a thin cavity at high pressure without the risk of freezing.By using a heated gate bushing to help the mold shorten the cycle time is just one of the many design considerations involved in the design of a thin-walled PET preformed hot runner mold.
Happily for Indian manufacturers, there are now professional mold manufacturers in Delhi who have the best brains and equipment as well as knowledge and experience
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