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Princess Cruises pollution scandal triggers EPA warning to cruise ship operators

by:J&D WATER     2019-08-23
New state Hotelxa0After one of the world\'s largest cruise companies was found to have contaminated international waters with waste, the pollution watchdog issued a warning to cruise operators.The California-based Princess cruise company will pay a record $40 ($53 million) in an illegal pollution case where a ship uses a \"magic pipe \", fine after admitting seven federal chargesxa0Transfer thousands of gallons of oil into the sea.On Saturday, a spokesman for the Environmental Protection Agency warned cruise operators that under the new State Marine Pollution Act, they would face a fine of up to $10 million because of \"what happened in the United States \".
Cruise Princessxa0The scandal caught the attention of the authorities in 2013, after 3192-Caribbean Princess passengerxa0British authorities.According to prosecutors, the ship has been usingxa0So-Known as the \"magic pipe\" since 2005 to bypass its water treatment system and illegally discharge sewage into the water.Authorities said the strategy was motivated by cost savings and more illegal contamination was found on four other ships, including the Golden Princess --Visit Australia.
But on Saturday, a spokesman stressed that the ship did not arrive in Australian waters until October 2015, when the problem had been \"well and truly resolved \".In a general statement by Prince Cruises, the company said it was \"very disappointed\" by the \"inexcusable behaviour\" of our employees who violated our policies and environmental laws \".\"The marine environment is very important to us and we are using this experience to further improve our operations,\" the statement said .
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