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Procurement is how to choose mechanical filter model!

by:J&D WATER     2020-03-06
Today is how to talk with mechanical filter selection! Dongguan water treatment water treatment equipment company is based on the system total inflow of engineers to choose the size of the filter, and combination ( A mechanical filter can select multiple parallel enough use, and the number of spare) , the filler inside the mechanical filter is made up of many different size of refined quartz sand from big to small order in strict accordance with the configuration, thus forming a good quartz sand grading. When just be put into use mechanical filter, filtering effect is not very good, because in the beginning of the filter without forming & other Bridge & throughout; , the so-called & other; Bridge & throughout; Is composed of suspended solids in water a barrier, the barrier to intercept and its size is suspended solids, then intercept smaller particle size of suspended solids, forming a first intercept intercept small particles after the big particulate matter, the particle filtering process. Mechanical filter once formed & other; Bridge & throughout; , filtering effect is very good, as the operational time lengthen, filtration precision is higher and higher, intercepting network is more and more thick, import and export of differential pressure is more and more big, when the pressure difference reaches 1 kg/cm2 for filter backwash. In the process of backwash best equipped with compressed air scrubbing of quartz sand, the general engineering experience is less than 2500 mm in diameter mechanical filter don't need a compressed air; The mechanical filter is greater than 2500 mm in diameter must be scrubbed by compressed air which can achieve satisfactory cleaning effect; Back flush flow general capacity of 3 - for filter design 4 times. The following is a water treatment equipment for mechanical filter type classification recommendation: stainless steel mechanical filter carbon steel machinery filter fiber ball filter medium filter fiber bundle mechanical filter
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